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july 2007 divine alignment

I AM to be found in the silence.

I AM to be found in the noise.

I AM to be found in the chaos.

I AM to be found in the adverse.

There is not any being, place, situation or circumstance in which I do not intrinsically exist.

In the beginning you need silence to find me.

Then, with time, and with your expanding ability to know me more intimately,

I grow as a Presence within you slowly infusing all of you with my Love.

Then your perceived mental boundaries,

Those that exist between your territory and mine,

Will dissipate like wisps of cloud in the radiant midday sun.

Your quest therefore, is not one of understanding where I am to be found.

It is rather one of total acceptance of all beings, things and situations.

For if these things were not of Me, they would not exist.

In coming to accept the right of all beings and things to exist, you come to accept me in My many diverse forms and expressions.

I may wish at times to expand awareness from one part of Myself into another through the part of me that you represent.

This will always happen from the place of My Love.

As you open to experiencing the Love that you are, you open to experiencing the Love that I AM.

It is then that we, together, heart in heart, shall realize the Totality of our unified expression together in the Great Beyond.

Everything else will follow.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid