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numis'om ~ eye of metatron

Just a note to let you all know that Volume 03 - 2007 of our e-periodical, Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron, will soon be ready for subscribers to read! Here is a preview of what is inside this upcoming issue:

NEW EARTH WORLD TREE: a new art piece that I have created depicting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine roles in the New Earth and our transition into that Ascended Reality. I provide a short interpretation of the art and how it relates to the concept of type I and II World Systems as universal realities (we are type I becoming type II)

THE NEW AVALON: The "imprinting" of the Avalonic state through the transitional reality of Numis'OM and on into the New Earth Star - what will be the same and what will be changed, and why.

OPHAR - AN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY OF NUMIS'OM: A look at one of the "intentional communities" of Numis'OM - souls gathered for a common purpose. Ophar is within the umbrella of the Temple of Aramu - Thoth's "temple" consciousness. This includes art and info on the Golden Jasmine Crystals or suuvya, which form the capstone upon the "Doma" of this dynamic.

THE LION'S GATE: a discussion of the Ascension relationships between the Attasic Universe, the Golden Star of Mazuriel, the constellations of Leo and Orion. Also, more Thothian cosmology and it's relationship to the New Earth Star.

HEART SPEAK WITH THOTH: a good assortment of questions in this issue from people around the globe! I welcome readers to ask questions of Thoth in this section for future issues. If your questions are chosen to be presented to Thoth the answers then appear in a subsequent issue!

This is the interactive aspect of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron, an etheric and virtual community of souls wishing to explore deeper mysteries with the Illuminary Thoth Raismes.


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