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august 2007 divine alignment

Group mind and unified mind, these are the Alpha and Omega of consciousness development in the collective soul of humanity.

In group mind there is an amalgamation of energies, and all beings participating in that group mind have little awareness of themselves as a unique being with specific vibrations, characteristics and traits.

Without awareness of your uniqueness, truly understanding your sameness is not yet possible.

In unified mind, the amalgamation has undergone a powerful alchemical transformation, and a high degree of awareness then exists regarding your uniqueness and simultaneously your sameness.

Awareness of your own uniqueness also brings the ability to be aware of the uniqueness of others so that this may always be truly honored and respected.

Awareness of your sameness brings with it the capability to operate from a place of commonality while honoring and respecting each being's uniqueness.

The awareness of uniqueness and of sameness happens autonomously from this place of awareness, supra-consciously, it is not at all an effort and does not require a thought process.

Universal awareness is beyond thought, and all thought derives from it.

Uniqueness is not the same as difference. Difference is born of comparison, uniqueness is born of awareness and understanding.

You look to the birds and animals and marvel at how they move in unison as a group. This is group mind, the place you have come from.

It is good to remember your beginnings, but it is important to not mistake them for your goal.

The key to reaching the Omega point in human consciousness development in this cycle, is to expand your awareness of self and other, to accept everything as it is right now, and to extend everything your love, respect, honor, compassion and forgiveness.

These then, are the reagents of your most potent alchemy which are destined to extract the rarified essence of unified mind out of the raw ore of group mind.

by Simeon Nartoomid