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pathways of transcendence

Everything is energy in various states of expression and manifestation. Einstein spoke to this with his formula e=mc2 wherein the inherent energy is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by the speed of light squared. Given that the speed of light is 186,282.397 miles per second, or 1,079,252,848.8 km per hour, this means that even in a relatively small amount of mass there is an enormous amount of inherent energy. The atrocity of the atomic bomb demonstrates this principle clearly.

Consciousness is a form of energy also. It too, like matter, has its own type of "crystallizations" that store kinetic energy All consciousness has frequency bandwidths in which it operates, much like radio stations do. Radio stations on the AM band operate in one specific frequency range, whereas radio stations in the FM band have an entirely different range of frequencies in which they operate. The receiving device determines which of the many frequencies available will be experienced. Our mind is like the receiving device.

Likewise, a rainbow has different frequencies of light within it from red through violet. There are frequencies in that spectrum which extend beyond the visible spectrum such as infrared and far-infrared on the low end of the spectrum and ultraviolet on through higher forms of radiation such as xrays on the high end of the spectrum. The point here is that it is all energy, and it is all part of the same emf spectrum regardless of what frequency it is operating at. And when we combine all the frequencies of all the visible spectrum of colors together, we have none other than white light. If we combine all the frequencies of visible and unvisible spectrum together we have Divine Light which is totally inclusive of all frequencies.

This analogy between the rainbow and the spectrum of consciousness has been bandied about for some time. What has not been contemplated deeply enough, however, is how the equality of the red and violet light in the rainbow corresponds to the equality of the shadow and the transcendental aspects of consciousness. Indeed, the shadow is equivalent to the red end of the spectrum of consciousness (or below - in frequency), and the transcendental or illumined portions of consciousness are equivalent to the violet end of the spectrum of consciousness (or above - in frequency).

This means it is all one continuum of energy first of all. It is not that the shadow aspects of consciousness are somehow part of an entirely different frequency spectrum. They simply operate within a lower frequency range of the overall spectrum of consciousness that is given birth from the Divine Light. To use your mind-energy to try and divide the shadow and the transcendental or illumined aspects of consciousness into two different frequency systems altogether is to use your mind-energy to oppose the universal flow of energy and unification of all frequencies and things. When we do this, the universe always wins, and will continue to activate the shadow aspect (that which we resist) within our life to be accepted as part of the whole spectrum of energy that our consciousness operates within.

To understand this better, it is helpful to also realize that there are different systems of energy which the spectrum of consciousness intersects and operates within. They too, are part of a larger continuum of energy and which consciousness itself is part of. So this is where we start to get rather holographic, and words start to fail us. In order to write about this I need to use words which operate in a linear way, and all written and spoken words do this. That said, there are systems of energy which are closed systems for all intents and purposes (temporal entropic systems), and there are systems of energy that are open systems (infinite and centropic), and there are systems of energy that bridge the between these two sharing in some of the attributes of each.

Closed systems of energy are represented in the world we all live in. It is part of a level of nature referred to in the Hindu scriptures as Apara Prakriti, which roughly translates as "impure or imbalanced nature." Open systems of energy are referred to as "Maha Prakriti," which translates as "Super-Nature." In-between these two energy states of nature there is a third state of energy and nature spoken of in the ancient Hindi texts called "Para Prakriti" which means "pure or balanced nature," this is the bridge between Apara Prakriti and Maha Prakriti.

The difference here is that in the closed energy system of nature that we know here on the Earth, or Apara Prakriti, the number of "pathways" that intrinsically make direct contact with Maha Prakriti are relatively few and far between. These pathways are difficult to locate and to sustain attunement with due to the intrinsically limited awareness patterns operating in Apara Prakriti. It is even more difficult to create new pathways of awareness and then sustain them. Therefore we have a reality in which everything is competing for the energy within this closed temporal and entropic system due to limited modalities of awareness. Everything in our natural world reflects this set of vibrational parameters, and we are part of the natural world by virtue of our intimate bonding with the elementals that form and maintain the human body. All forms of competition in both nature and the human experience which is of course part of nature, are rooted in this dynamic.

Maha Prakriti or Super-Nature is an infinite energy system and no pathways to anything else are necessary because there is no parameter of limitation set as an envelope within which consciousness must operate. With Para Prakriti, the in-between state of nature, this is still a limited energy system of sorts, but there are numerous Pathways of Transcendence into the infinite energy system of Maha Prakriti and they are easy to locate, create and sustain. Therefore nothing competes for energy in this unlimited ordering of nature. It is Para Prakriti that is the true Garden of Eden and it is also known as Avalon in the Western Mystery traditions. Para Prakriti is also the state of nature that exists within most of the Inner Earth.

Much more could be said about these three states of nature, but that is not within the scope of this article. I refer you to the following article for some further perspectives on these states of nature and how they relate to the collective ascension:

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I simply wished to establish a sense of what these various energy systems are in order to be able impart a better understanding of how consciousness operates within multiple bandwidths of frequency simultaneously.

To try and visualize this, we can could view these three energy levels of nature as rings or spheres overlaid upon the Earth represented as a circle. Visualizing this in 2D as if it were drawn on paper, the band representing Apara Prakriti, the nature we know on the surface Earth presently, would penetrate a short distance into the Earth, and rise a short distance above its surface. The ring or sphere herein referred to as Para Prakriti, or the Garden of Eden/Avalon, would go almost to the very center of the Earth, and extend up beyond its surface quite some distance. The ring or sphere representing Maha Prakriti or Super-Nature would include all of the Earth and extend out to infinity with no outer bounds. You can see from this visualization that these are interpenetrating realities which are not separate from each other in space-time. Their respective realities co-exist within the same space-time parameters, like radio waves in the air all co-existing waiting for the receiver to attune to them.

Now, let's add to this visualization by intersecting these bands, rings or spheres representing the different energy systems that manifest as three levels of nature, with the rainbow spectrum of consciousness. In this case we will be visualizing the bands of light in the rainbow of consciousness as all emanating from the center point of the Earth. It will appear as though the core of the Earth is acting like a prism for the white light to be diffracted into the colors of the rainbow. Thus, we will have a radial pattern of rainbow light emanating from the center of the Earth, each band of color extending up and out of the Earth until some distance beyond the sphere of Para Prakriti wherein the rainbow light spectrum of consciousness is absorbed into the void of Totality as it passes into Maha Prakriti.

The first thing that is apparent from this visualization is that the rainbow colored bands of consciousness intersect, and thus interpenetrate all the energy systems of nature equally and simultaneously. Therefore, we can now more easily arrive at the understanding that what we call the shadow is simply the red end of the spectrum of consciousness in Apara Prakriti (imbalanced or impure nature) here in the world we know. Yet, this red frequency also has an expression in Para Prakriti (pure or balanced nature) and in the early stages of Maha Prakriti until the light of consciousness is transcended altogether by states of pure and complete awareness.

Over the years, the more I have worked with this level of awareness and allowed it to integrate into the very marrow of my bones, the more that the duality of my experience has diminished. This is because to open our awareness to the pure energy science of awareness, consciousness and nature in this way takes us beyond the ideologies of religion, theology, metaphysics and so forth. It allows us to look right into the heart of what takes place without any divisions between energy and consciousness, reality and consciousness, or science and the infinite spirit. This is the science of the future, and was the science of the ancient past. We are however, arriving at a whole new plane of conscious awareness than what the ancients were generally capable of, the universe never goes backwards.

We have thus not lost our way, however, we have taken a little creative exploration into self-serving complexity as part of our overall journey to expand our awareness of self so that we can come to truly know the Self. This was in order to develop the collective consciousness soul of humanity on Earth wherein it moves from Sentience, or awareness moving from a point outwards (awareness of other and external reality) to Consciousness, or awareness moving out then bending back upon itself to complete the circle of awareness (awareness of other and self equally balanced).

Pathways of Transcendence must be accessed from this basic awareness to be effective. If we are still in the mode of operating as though there is more than one frequency spectrum of consciousness, or that the other levels of nature are someplace else in space-time, then we operate within a basic illusion of duality that is crystallized within the Earth and the DNA of most of humanity. Our world is not an illusion in and of itself, it is a valid reality. The illusion is, that what we can perceive with our five senses is all there is. What we perceive with our five senses is but a small part of a much larger pie, and we always do best when we operate from this level of awareness and perception.

Pathways of Transcendence are the various vectors of consciousness and their expressions at differing levels of frequency. For example we can look at a shadow (red end of the spectrum) aspect of consciousness such as apathy, and see that at the transcendental level (violet end of the spectrum) we have a state of being that resides in the total release of forgiveness. In-between these two different frequency and energy level manifestations of this same consciousness, we have at the level of the enlightened human mind the manifestation of true understanding. Herein the Pathway of Transcendence or transformational pathway is traveling from apathy through an enlightened understanding to total release or forgiveness. This is a Pathway of Transcendence which utilizes a transformational pathway to achieve transcendence.

So what determines how this energy is manifesting? It is none other than each and every one of us and how we choose to perceive and respond to reality, both in our "individual" life realities, and collectively. In my latest session offering, "Understanding Your Cosmic Code," I address how your unique Cosmic Design defines how you are meant to interact within the Sacred Flow of Life. All but 8% of humanity is designed to respond to life in some way rather than to initiate things on their own. This is not the program we are all taught by our societies, so most people are operating with the wrong program to operate the hardware they were born with. As for the 8% who have the right program, very few of them have the training or understanding necessary to operate the program correctly.

Each and every one of us has specific vectors of consciousness programmed into our DNA to be worked with. These are our Transcendental Pathways and understanding what the main four pathways are in our current incarnation has been extremely helpful to me and many others I have done this work for. Once we understand what our primary Transcendental Pathways are, we are also empowered to a new level of awareness concerning our incarnational purpose - the scope of your life starts to make more sense in a specific way.

The soul has encoded these transformational pathways into our DNA in order to open these pathways wider within the collective consciousness of humanity. This work is deep essential inner work, and this is where we truly will find our soul purpose for being here in a human body at this time moreso than in outer projects or things to be done. The outer projects and things to be done are where our human free will and choice are to be exercised. The world is our playground in that sense, we get to work with and reinforce these transformational and transmutational pathways as we play. These outer projects and things to be done thus form the membrane, or screen, which the soul projects It's purpose upon. We choose the screen, the soul does the rest.

As we come to understand what the nature of our soul purpose is in this regard, we then have an awareness that can be integrated more deeply and which allows us to see where we need to focus when we find ourselves within the red end of the spectrum of our specific Transcendental Pathways. We are then empowered at another level to stop judging this energy as being somehow wrong or bad which generates resistance and non-acceptance, and instead we can view it as a trip into the deep mine to pull up more ore so that we can extract the precious metals and gems of Transcendental Self from it. We also have the knowledge of what the other end of the spectrum we are shooting for actually is, so we have a specific target to shoot for. This allows us to directly access the Pathways of Transcendence which we are innately encoded to be working with. This is the work of the soul in manifestation.

For years I worked with the same principles without the direct awareness of what my soul had encoded into my Personality and Design crystals as part of my gestational and birthing process in this lifetime. I used general spiritual principles to transform and transmute the dynamics that arose within my experience on a daily basis. This definitely achieved some results. However, it was not until I understood my encoding that I started to achieve more precise and specific results. That is the best way I can explain it. I can also say definitively that it is a VERY fulfilling experience because it elicits a feeling deep inside the core-Self that says "I really am achieving what I came to do" and that is not dependent upon what the outer circumstances of my life may look like. That is a huge step forward towards true spiritual sovereignty.

For example, one of my four primary encodings is for the Transcendental Pathway that involves the transformation of Impatience to Timelessness through the enlightened understanding embodied in Patience. Simply knowing this has brought this dynamic in my life to an entirely different plane of experience. Sure, we all deal with this dynamic of impatience in our lives at times and of course we realize that patience is the key to resolution. But for me specifically, it is what my soul came to do in regards to my life passion or work at a conscious personality level, like this is it. I am also aware of the transcendental aspect, the ultra-violet end of the spectrum so to speak. So now, when I find myself experiencing Impatience I can immediately look not only to Patience to remedy the situation, but also to that state of being I know so well within me that is entirely Timeless.

This is the great thing about this, the transcendental state IS what you are encoded to be in your ultimate expressions of beingness. It is reliably imprinted upon your genetic code and is there for you to access when you choose to do so. These transcendental states will be your most natural level of expression, the one that feels most comfortable to you, it is where you find realization of your greatest potential. Knowing what the specific encoding is makes all the difference in the world. It is deeply self-validating, and allowed me to give myself permission at a much deeper level to reside within that state all the while knowing I was doing what I came to do in the process. Wow, to reside within a state of Timelessness and to feel that this is what I came to do rather than just an escape from life, its quite an incredible feeling.

As we access and open our encoded Transcendental Pathways more and more frequently we rapidly approach the ultimate potential of being able to reside continuously within the transcendental states associated with them. As we activate these potentials we start to also activate the transcendental aspects of all 64 codons (also called "gates" in the system I am using) in our DNA. Truly, all the 64 transcendental aspects are part of One Divine expression of being in form that cannot be separated. Yet, we each are a unique part of the collective beingness of humanity, we each have our part to do in the whole genetic weave of the planet opening and activating specific Transcendental Pathways within the collective soul. We are like the birds, each singing our song based upon our genetic makeup, yet creating a symphony of incredibly beautiful sound in the wilderness.

I would love to help you sound your transcendental notes clearly and accurately too! The Understanding Your Cosmic Code Sessions I am offering are done on a sliding fee scale and you can read more about them and/or reserve at the link above.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid