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september 2007 divine alignment

I gave you guidance in the form of My voice within your being, and within the reflective surfaces of life.

Everything you need to know can be known through these forms of guidance.

Everything you seek to know will not necessarily be revealed to you, however.

If you seek to know something and it does not come to you at first, simply release it and let it fly away to be free with the Angels.

If it is something that you truly need to know it will come to you in its due time.

I may speak what you need to know to you directly, or I may bring you some person, circumstance or sign that reveals it to you.

It is thus important to always approach life with a soft touch so you can hear, and to look at life from the most expanded perspective possible for you in the moment at all times.

To achieve this, ask yourself always, is this the most unlimited thought, feeling or perspective I could have about whatever it is that holds your attention?

If the answer is no, then the next question which will naturally arise within you is: what is?

Keep asking that first question until the answer is yes, and you will soon find that your entire inner landscape changes to reveal my Kingdom within you, and My voice as your voice, and you will see clearly into the reflective surfaces of life.

Be patient with yourself in this process, with patience time is transcended and fulfilment within My unlimited love can be attained.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid