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preview of next issue of
numis'om ~ eye of metatron

Numis'OM Volume 4, 2007 will soon be up in the Spirit Mythos subscriber's section. A "sneak-preview" of the articles follows:

THE PURE GEM UNIVERSAL HEART, an image:  the "Pure Gem Universal Heart Crystal." This is based on the Thoth-concept of the "Pure Gem" body we evolve within the New Earth Star (and are evolving it on some levels now). Years ago, Thoth gave me the "Pure Gem Codex"  (requires subscriber login) - an esoteric, very symbolic work that is now in the Spirit Mythos Subscriber's Portal.

THE UNWINDING SPIRAL - THE RETURN: recent discovery that the earth is actually a part of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, which is merging with the Milky Way!  Simeon develops some insights around this and I take it to Thoth, who addresses it further, bringing forth some profound information concerning our true path in the heavens and on our spiritual path as a world system.

VENUS, MELCHIZEDEK AND THE HEAVEN HOUSES: some information I received akashically many years ago concerning the being, "Lord Melchizedek," coming from Venus to Lemuria, the "Supreme" Temple and it's 12 Heaven Houses representing the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

THE AERIOPAX & THE NEW EARTH: the Aeripoax sacred geometry in the early 1990's. It is the major generator of the 44:44 planetary Ascension Stargate (not the stargate itself). I expand on the topic in this volume of Numis'OM, addressing more specifically it's "New Earth Star" dynamics and how we may use it as a tool for planetary and personal activation.

EYE LIGHT LANGUAGE DYNAMICS & THE EYE OF HORUS: how Thoth uses the EYE as a point of merkabah (vehicle) transport into or between energy / cosmic systems. A process for working with this system personally or in a group is given.

DYNAMICS OF 44:44 STARGATE: planetary ascension dynamics given to me by Thoth. While images and stages of this dynamic are on Spirit Mythos in the "New Earth Star" section, I felt Numis'OM subscribers should have the over-all outline as well.

THOTH ON ASTROLOGY & THE NEW EARTH HOLOGRAM: astrology in this incarnation is not as definitive to our nature as it once was, as we develop the New Earth Star Hologram.

THE GOLDEN STAR OF MAZURIEL: major "golden star" in the Attasic or non-dualistic universe that is our true HOME - even beyond the New Earth Star - for all souls of this universe.

FIRE / WATER MYSTERIES: The basic Initiations of the New Earth Hologram, which the Christ Yeshua taught us as the Mysteries of Water and Fire.  An understanding of the true principles of this Mystery and how it is "unveiled" within us.

Lastly, a quite long Heart-Speak Q&A segment with Thoth, in which he address such questions on topics of the "string theory," the sacred "arks," and "hyperspace tetrahedrons."

The Volume 4, 2007 Numis'OM also contains 12 of my (Maia's) art works - all but 3 are brand new.

If you have not already subscribed to Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron perhaps you would like to subscribe, or if you are an existing subscriber and your subscription has expired perhaps you would like to to re- activate your subscription

We will also soon be announcing some nice new items for the Spirit Store; and Simeon is at work on a special, entirely NEW format for a Spirit tool created from my energy-art which is actually a desktop PC application to help shift energies in your computer environment and to create higher levels of attunement in the space the computer is located in. The way these will be created they will work to shift energies even when the computer is off, but will be enhanced when it is on and the program is running. These programs work directly with the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer as high level radionics devices.

Simeon is calling this new line of creations " SpiritWareT ~ software for the soul," to be ready soon !!!