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november 2007 divine alignment

Holiness is to be found in Wholeness.

Wholeness is the state of being wherein you no longer experience separation, conflict or imbalanced expressions of dualistic polarity.

Wholeness is your natural state of being, but it gets clouded over by contrary beliefs and other gyrations of your mind.

To experience Wholeness is to experience a state wherein everything you expend energy on which impedes your ability to experience what you already are, ceases to exist.

The key to experiencing your inherent Wholeness therein lies within an "undoing."

This might be achieved over time by peeling the proverbial layers of the onion, but this path has no guarantee.

Many a soul have fooled themselves into believing that the onion they are peeling is the way forward, when in truth it is often times an onion-object of their own creation that keeps them satisfied for the moment like a cat playing with a ball of yarn.

The only path with any guarantee, is to turn it all over to Me, your Divine Self, to be transmuted, erased and replaced with infinite love and grace.

This is not a guarantee that all life's difficulties and challenges will cease.

It is a guarantee that your ability to flow through them without resistance, with love, and with a deeper sense of the purpose they serve in your life and in the collective evolution will become a more prominent part of your human experience.

This is a sure path to experiencing the Wholeness that you already are.

You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, you simply need to act upon the opportunities life presents to you to experience what you already are.

You are Wholeness, emanating from the field of Divine Love that you are an intrinsic part of.

Love defined not by feelings, actions, words or thoughts, but Love as a rarified state of being, Love that operates within an infinite field of awareness which omnisciently embraces everything.

Following the only sure path to Wholeness always leads to a fuller experience of this state of Love.

Remember always, the only path with any guarantee to Wholeness and thus Holiness, is to turn it all over to Me, your Divine Self, to be transmuted, erased and replaced with infinite love and grace.

Everything else will follow.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid