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december 2007 divine alignment

In the Great Arc that transcribes the Divine Sea,

There is nought but the vastness of the Infinite.

Yet this Arc has tangents which penetrate into the most limited of forms,

Breathing Life into their existence.

Indeed, it is the Great Arc that has given birth to these very same forms,

Those that its tangential realities inter-penetrate.

This is but My Creative Power playing with the collective mirror of reality,

Reflecting a myriad of different images from within the universal hologram,

Upon the faces of reality mirrors transfigured by My Divine Intent.

Each reality mirror so transfigured,

Reflects a slightly altered variation of the Great Arc.

Each unique, yet all the same.

Identical in nature but differing in presentation.

You are one of My reality mirrors.

What is reflected in the mirror of you is ME.

My Great Arc inter-penetrates you.

My Great Arc inter-connects you.

My Love animates you.

I AM you, and you are me.

This is the basis for understanding all other Mysteries of My Kingdom.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid