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tele-class recording now available

The audio recording of the free Tele-Class that I conducted for the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian on Sunday 12/09/07 is now available to be listened to and/or downloaded as promised! :-)(-:

It is one recording but it has two distinct parts. I provide more information where you can now access the Tele-Class recording.

There is some good esoteric and metaphysical info in Part II on radionics principles, the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer, the nature of time in higher-dimensions, the Mayan Long Count calendar and the accelleration of our perception of time and more.

Also, some other good news! We have now hit 51% of our goal to be able to cover our development expenses of $2,800 so we can give the Thoth Master Guardian away for free to anyone who wants it after the goal is reached. Again, this is so we can better facilitate the whole Program of Light that Thoth is bringing through the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer by having this program installed on as many computers as possible on the surface Earth.

We need to be able to achieve this goal in a timely manner because we actually are incurring additional administrative costs each and every day that we are working to reach our goal. Our inner guidance has given us the date of 02/02/08 as the date by which we need to achieve this goal so we can give the program away entirely for free.

I believe we can do it given that we have already achieved 51% in only 30 days, and we still have 53 days left as of today (12/11/07). You can help us achieve this goal by:

1) Networking this information in our behalf and sharing with friends what your experience has been and/or what you feel about this Program of Light.

2) By purchasing the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian progam if you haven't already done so, the current price of $22.22 is good until Winter Solstice.

3) By simply by making a donation dedicated to this cause (please email us after making your donation to let us know it is meant for helping us achieve our goal).

You can donate using one of several different means.