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january 2008 divine alignment

I AM the Unity of all things and beingness.

Nothing is excluded from this Greater Unity.

The illusion of self and other is now coming to an end on Earth.

With the conclusion of this epoch will come much pain and much joy.

Pain will arise when some aspect of beingness resists this dissolution.

Joy will arise when some aspect of being flows into this dissolution.

Dissolution of the separative states of being experienced as self and other.

Dissolution of all that generates and supports these separative states of being, such as:

The dissolution of these things is a pre-requisite of true liberation.

Liberation is where the true and eternal Joy is to be found.

You often scratch, tear and swat at the fabric of human limitations in an attempt to find and experience liberation.

Yet for every limitation subdued in this manner a thousand more await you.

The temporal realms are realms of complexity and have an enormous capacity to generate an endless parade of complex illusory forms to contain you.

Many of these forms promise liberation but rather imprison you in even more complexity.

True liberation can only be found in true surrender.

This is a surrender to the potential, not the limitations.

In order to surrender to the potential, you must have faith, or better yet gnosis, that the potential is there even if you do not perceive it in the moment.

This opens the door wherein you can have a glimpse at that potential.

The potential now becomes more tangibly real.

The realization of this potential must now become your priority, your goal.

In this way you can walk out of the temporal maze one circuit at a time.

You will find true liberation in this movement if you take it to heart.

In being liberated you will enjoy an expanded awareness.

In this expanded awareness, you will then see more of the illusion of self and other.

In seeing this illusion more clearly, you will begin to experience the Unity I AM.

True liberation is thus an inside job and can be accomplished in the midst of any external life circumstances.

Those circumstances in your life right now are what your soul chose for this journey!

Embrace them, be grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way.

Because of My Sacred Unity, as you liberate yourself from within, you also liberate the collective soul of humanity.

As soul, you are pure Bodhisattva.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid