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thoth master guardian project update

This is a progress report on the status of the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program project's goal of being able to give it away to anyone who wants it. If you will recall in my previous message (11/19/07) I (Simeon) set the goal of recouping the $2,800 development costs for this software in a reasonable period of time (by 02/02/2008) so that we could then make this program available for free to help facilitate getting it installed on as many computers worldwide as possible as part of a greater Program of Light that Thoth and Company are now bringing through to the Earth via the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer.

We are currently at 67% of our goal with 16 days left to go. It would only take someone making a single donation of $924, or ten people donating $92.40, or 100 people donating $9.24, or 28 people buying this software at its current cost of $33.33 to achieve this goal. If you would like to gift it to someone, simply contact me by hitting "reply" to this email and I will be glad facilitate that for you.

If you are new to the list or need to refresh your memory on the original intentions behind this program goal, you can read the original message where I shared my heart and guidance on this project.

The entire objective here is to attune human beings to the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer. Once the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program is installed on your computer you will start incorporating the etheric pathways and alignment to the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer into your own auric energy field and all your energy bodies that comprise that field simply by being near and using your computer along with a measure of conscious intent to make this alignment. How long this takes is dependent upon an almost infinite number of variables. However, there have been quite a number of people reporting things to us that indicate to us it is happening very quickly for some people.

Once this attunement occurs then you not only have the advantage of the SpiritwareT Thoth Master Guardian program renewing your intention 12 times per second at the electromagnetic level when the computer is running, but you also have the intentions being continually renewed as a continuous emanation on the etheric level with computer on or off. You will also be radiating these frequencies from your own field and they will help you in your efforts to expand your field of spiritual awareness into the field of Divinity that you in fact are.

This is therefore not something helps you or the planetary collective attain something you/it do not already have, it is rather something that is a tool to help you and the planet come into a much deeper experience of what already IS.

Make a donation to help us reach our goal by 02/02/2008:

Please be sure to email us and let us know that the donation is to be applied to our desired goal, donations are not earmarked as such by default.

Purchase the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program (or download the free trial version).

Again, MAHALO NUI LOA (thank you very much) to everyone who has helped us reach the 67% mark in this goal to date.