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thoth master guardian project goal achieved

Together we have done it. We have reached our goal of covering the initial developmental costs for the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program so it can now be made available to anyone with the supported platforms irregardless of ability to make donations or payments.

A big MAHALO NUI LOA (THANK YOU VERY MUCH) to everyone who helped make this possible!!!

This project was the early stages of working with a new Seraphi group manifestational matrix that Maia will be unveling here in a few days or so. It was amazing to watch it unfold and we used the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian programs we have installed on our computers to facilitate it at a spiritual energy level (meaning to keep us more aligned to Spirit in the process).

There is a new download access page in the Spirit Store and all the previous information pages, except the old order page, are still there as well. Our approach in delivering the program is now using a sliding donation scale which includes "FREE" as one of the "donation" levels.

This will hopefully help inspire people towards making a donation IF they are able and guided to, in order to help offset our ongoing administrative costs with delivering, supporting and possibly upgrading the program in the future.

Yet, this will also allow anyone to choose "FREE" totally on their own and thus obtain the program without charge as well. We will be supporting everyone exactly the same, and if you are one of the people who has needed that support already you know it is excellent and fast.

More is explained on the new SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program's download access page.