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february 2008 divine alignment

I AM the substance of abundance, the Limitless Source of all energy.

You are of My substance, therefore you are of the Limitless Source.

Your entry into life on Earth has made you feel otherwise.

This was so that you could develop your consciousness and expand your awareness of others and self.

By entering the limited density you attain something to push against to develop your spiritual muscles.

As you build strength in your spiritual body you acquire new capabilities in using that body.

The current events of your world offer you excellent opportunities to put some of your recently acquired spiritual strength forth for the benefit of all of humanity.

As you focalize your spiritual strength, gifts, love and compassion for the benefit of others in some way, you become a conduit or channel for the energy of the Limitless Source.

Consciously endeavoring to be a conduit or channel of the Limitless Source means you too become less limited and supported in an ever-expanding way.

Becoming a channel or conduit for the Limitless Source is no small undertaking. . . but it is the only undertaking which will ultimately bring a true sense of fulfillment into the deepest caverns of your being.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid