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seraphi manifestation key,
amaru crystal seeding update

1) In January of 2008 Thoth informed me (Maia) that he and his merkabah, Chariot of the Sun had established within the Pymander Seraphi Program an inscription for greater attunement and actualization of Manifestation / Abundance.

This "inscription" is an imprint in the virtual reality of the Pymander El'ohim computer-intelligence within the specific program of the Seraphi, which is under the activational wings of the Seraphim Angelic Host.

Thoth is calling this inscription the Seraphi Manifestation Key. It contains a specific format of the universal creation-building matrix codes of the El'ohim Creation Lords.

The Seraphi Manifestation Key or "SMK" is responsive to collective groups anchoring agreed- upon (consensual) formats / goals / missions. That is not to say that the individual is excluded. Each incarnated human being is part of a Merkbah Family of souls that act as a collective group. Not all may be incarnated at the same time (most aren't), but they work together - just as Thoth does with his Merkabah, Chariot of the Sun.

Then many individuals are also involved in Light-anchoring groups and organizations; often multiple ones. The emphasis with the SMK is to work with the group Light Fields: inter-connecting, nesting, linking. Thoth speaks to me of the "Earth Re-Genesis Alliance" which he is suggesting be created around the central "egg" of the Seraphi Manifestation Key. . . read this entire article.

2) Now you can easily set one of my art works as your browser's starting homepage - ENJOY!

3) Thoth has given a new message about the "Ama'cha Star Tetrahedron" on the AMARU CRYSTAL SEEDING PROJECT "group" forum of Spirit Mythos' Ascension Hologram Network.