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sneak preview of vol. 01, 2008 numis'om ~ eye of metatron

Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron, Volume 1 - 2008 will soon be released! Here is a preview of the articles: 

Thoth Arieopax Dynamic: a brief understanding of the Areiopax / Isis Eye geometric as "Thoth's Breastplate."

Cruxus Venus - Building of the Templaric Grid: this article discusses the Cruxus Venus as the "8th Venus Temple" in the New Earth Star / Numis'OM. I also discuss how an interesting and to me, profound, phenomena occurred as I created the art work of the 8th Temple to accompanying this article.

The Shamballah Gate and the Falcon of Andora: there is a lot covered in this article, which makes it difficult to write a brief summary of it; but it is basically a treatise by Thoth on energy and symbols which apply to the New Earth Hologram and Earth Star. It is based on questions submitted through me  to Thoth by William Buehler (worker with earth grids, sacred geometry and synergy groups).

Dragons and Dragon Pearls: one of my favorite topics! BE THERE DRAGONS in Numis'OM? Oh yes...and unicorns, mermaids, griffins and other wonderful "mythic" creatures: all a part of the energy manifested through human interaction with the elements of nature. And the "dragon pearls?" Well, you will have to wait for the release of this upcoming Numis'OM to read about them!

The Sapphire Throne: the ice crystal canopy of the Inner Earth is also to be found in the New Earth! It is the "Saf-fire Mount" also known as the "Sapphire Throne." Yet there is more to the Sapphire Throne: as a concept and a Sacred Ray of Divineship.

White Tigers of Thoth: here is discussed the white tigers who are Thoth's devic guardians; and also his falcon, "Go Forth." This is a short article which accompanies my new art work of Thoth and his "creatures" in Albasalm: once in the Nubian Desert and now within Numis'OM.

The Children of Abrahim: this article contains Thoth's comments concerning the new ET/Human/Ultra "race" - the Children of Abrahim. I personally consider this information a watermark of the "changing of the guards" in the power structure of this current world system!

Heart-Speak from Thoth: this section was so long this time I had to place some of the questions to be answered in the next volume ( 2 - 2008) of Numis'OM! I think you will find it a very interesting mix of questions and some profound comments on them by Thoth. Topics include: the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the Flower of Life, the Pleaides, the Egg of Life and the ancient meaning of the word Shambhala / Shamballah.

In addition, I have created seven new art works for this volume, some of which will be offered to members in the "freebies" section of the subscriber's pages.

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