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march 2008 divine alignment

I AM no-thing, and yet I AM all things.

I inhabit your joy and your sadness.

I AM both your suffering and your well being.

I come as suffering to free you when all else fails so we might spend more time together.

I come as well being to celebrate your freedom with you.

Some of you suffer in behalf of all the rest.

Through these, does the light shine brightly.

All who experience suffering can dedicate it to the cause of the whole.

In this way, all who suffer can be vehicles for My Light to shine through brightly for the benefit of all beings.

All beings on Earth experience suffering in one form or another at times.

Simply accept it when the Sacred Flow of Life brings it your way.

This is the graceful path through all suffering.

When suffering has been fully accepted it becomes the path of liberation which perfectly suits the moment.

When suffering has become the path of liberation it is no longer experienced as suffering.

Whatever pain remains then becomes a friend who reminds you where you or the collective you are a part of still resist me.

I AM calling all of you home, every atom of your being, every quantum energy packet of your consciousness, for an infinite embrace.

I await your response, always and forever.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid