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volume 02, 2008 numis'om ~ eye of metatron is now available

The next issue of our Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron e-publication is now ready for subscribers to read!

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The Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron quarterly is turning out to be a great entry point for guided exploration into the very expansive matrix of the Spirit Mythos website. Many links for further information, study, and meditation are provided in the Numis'OM publication, many of which go to material on the Spirit Mythos website.

Numis'OM additionally has the latest information available, so your guided journey into Spirit Mythos and its sacred mysteries is always up to date, moving energetically from the most current point of universal reference!

Further, this publication and the Subscriber Portal are an interactive environment in that readers can ask questions of Thoth that are universally pertinent (i.e. not directly personal questions) and have them answered in subsequent volumes of the publication. These topics are also being discussed right now in the Spirit Mythos forums.

These forums are private and therefore they do not have the spam and interference problems that most public forums receive. They exist in a protected space both in cyber space and in energetic space so people are safe to open, share and explore spiritual topics together.

We would like to encourage more of the subscribers to participate in the interactivity and to encourage non-subscribers to consider a subscription which in turn also helps us to continue to provide the vast amount of information and services that we make available to the public for free. It takes real time, effort and money to maintain and continue to expand the offerings we have online, your support is greatly appreciated by us and the Illumined Ones we serve.

An article has been added to the new Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron from when we first provided a sneak preview. Here is the revised outline of this latest issue:

Isis Eye of Thoth with Arieopax: a brief understanding of the Arieopax or Isis Eye geometric as "Thoth's Breastplate."

Cruxus Venus - Building of the Templaric Grid: this article discusses the Cruxus Venus as the "8th Venus Temple" in the New Earth Star / Numis'OM. I also discuss how an interesting, and to me profound, phenomena occurred as I created the art work of the 8th Temple to accompany this article.

The Shamballah Gate and the Falcon of Andora: there is a lot covered in this article, which makes it difficult to write a brief summary of it; but it is basically a treatise by Thoth on energy and symbols which apply to the New Earth Hologram and Earth Star. It is based on questions submitted through me to Thoth by William Buehler (worker with earth grids, sacred geometry and synergy groups).

Dragons and Dragon Pearls: one of my favorite topics! ARE THERE DRAGONS in Numis'OM as a reality? Oh yes...and unicorns, mermaids, griffins and other wonderful "mythic" creatures: all a part of the energy manifested through human interaction with the elements of nature. And the "dragon pearls?" Well, you will have to read this Numis'OM to find out about them!

The Sapphire Throne: the ice crystal canopy of the Inner Earth is also to be found in the New Earth! It is the "Saf-Fire Mount" also known as the "Sapphire Throne." Yet there is more to the Sapphire Throne: as a concept and a Sacred Ray of Divineship.

White Tigers of Thoth: here is discussed the white tigers who are Thoth's devic guardians and also his white falcon, "Go Forth." This is a short article which accompanies my new art work of Thoth and his "creatures" in Albasalm: once in the Nubian Desert and now within the Numis'OM reality.

The Children of Abrahim: this article contains Thoth's comments concerning the new ET/Human/Ultra "race" - the Children of Abrahim. I personally consider this information a watermark of the "changing of the guards" in the power structure of this current world system!

Numis'OM in the NOW: Numis'OM is herein viewed as a Reality inside a reality that is accessible in essence at all times. A unique understanding of the flow of energy and consciousness between these two realities is provided and as well a meditational affirmation to facilitate moving into Numis'OM at will which will elicit a purification with each journey!

Heart-Speak from Thoth: this section was so long this time I had to place some of the questions to be answered in the next volume (Volume 02, 2008) of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron! I think you will find it a very interesting mix of questions and some profound comments on them by Thoth. Topics include: the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the Flower of Life, the Pleaides, the Egg of Life and the ancient meaning of the word Shambhala / Shamballah.

Additionally, there are Freebie downloads available with this issue as with all issues. There are several art images that were created just for this issue, as well as the following items which are available ALSO through the Spirit Store:

Initiation (AB-0044STD)

Source Volume 03, 1980 (SRC-8003)

Temple Doors Volume 01, 1999 (TD-9901)

We are also still offering access to all of the archived back issues to susbcribers as something that is being included at no additional cost. We sincerely hope that if you have not already subscribed to Munis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron that you will consider giving it a try. If you have interest in the mystical metaphysical work of Maia Christianne this is an excellent way to be involved with the core energy and consciousness she is working with and as well support her inter-dimensional ministry.

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