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new earth star akashic portraits now offered

I (Maia) am now offering a new service: Personal New Earth Akashic Portraits. Thoth has suggested that I allow Spirit to choose through me a "personna" for your New Earth Star portrait that is most resonant with your current lifetime; who you are, or who you think you are "now." This may be of the same gender or of the opposite gender.

To have one's New Earth portrait done is not a simple curiosity or exercise in vanity. It is rather a powerful energy-template that can facilitate a bridging of the worlds. Seeing your self in the mirror of the New Earth engages your conscious being with the expanded awareness of your soul and larger energy being's multiplicity inside the ONE.

It is as if you can look at yourself in the New Earth dimension of existence, and that New Earth "you" will in turn communicate the nature of it's reality in that dimension and what you know as a result of being there and how you ARE in that world of consciousness through the looking-glass back to the current "you."

Of course there is nothing magical about it. It is a natural process with stages and levels of cognition. Each person will respond uniquely, and thus their communion with their New Earth "Self" will create it's own particular path of expression. . .

Read more about the New Earth Star Portraits and/or order yours now.