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april 2008 divine alignment

When you say "I am like this" or "I prefer that", which "I" is actually speaking?

Is this your limited temporal human self, or your expanded eternal spiritual self that is expressing through you in that moment?

These are two vastly different reference points and domains of being and it is generally only in the darkest of times that human beings on Earth make any distinction between them.

When things are going well it is common for people on Earth to make such declarations that originate in their limited temporal selves.

Yet this is not often recognized because these declarations seem to be positive or spiritual in nature and do not seem energetically problematic therefore no further attention is paid to the matter.

If you are having difficulty understanding the difference, simply ask yourself if what you have just made a statement about is something that develops within you a Divine characteristic or attribute that goes with you into eternality, or is it an affirmation of those Divine qualities already within you.

Everything else is your limited temporal self expressing in that moment.

It is most necessary for your limited temporal self to express itself in a healthy and balanced manner.

It is also necessary for you to be aware of when the limited temporal aspect of you is expressing itself so you may place it into its proper context within your overall experience.

In this way you will not be mislead by the limited part of your human nature and yet it will be free to express itself in a balanced way without suppression or reaction.

You will be empowered within this expanded field of Self/self-awareness to truly be a witness to the journey your soul is taking within your human vehicle on Earth and to allow it to unfold naturally without resistance.

As this process unfolds like the thousand-petaled lotus your expanded Self will begin to appear in the midst of the limited self, slowly dissolving it like an alchemical elixir that is destined to extract the precious gem of YOU from the ore of your earthen humanity.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid