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the universal laws of energy and consciousness e-book

After about two years of working on it, I (Simeon) have now completed a short book entitled "The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness."

I wrote this book largely while in deep inner communion with the Master Menon, who is from the matrix of the lion-headed Sirian Sun-Lords. Maia has information on this being on her Spirit Mythos web site. I learned that I was on this being's streaming of consciousness as a ray-aspect some years ago and this connection continues to deepen.

In a sense this book wrote me. The time it took to complete this book had much to do with the time and effort necessary to expand my own field of awareness each time a transmission regarding the Universal Laws was transmitted to me by Menon. In order to fully grasp what was being laid before me took a lot of inner work.

I have already had people tell me they spontaneously wept when reading it because of the deeper core alignments taking place within their being to their own Divinity. I am encouraged by this and I know that I was guided to put this compendium of cosmic awareness together to facilitate the ascension process we are all engaged in currently. In a sense this is sort of a short summary of the product of my efforts to achieve transcendence in this lifetime thus far as well.

Read more about this new offering of mine and purchase it as an e-book in PDF in our Spirit Store. You can click the "more info" link when you are on the page above to read more about the book and view an outline of the Universal Laws that the book covers:

I personally feel that pretty much everything one needs to know to successfully traverse the sacred labyrinth of life on the spiritual ascension journey is contained in this work. Actually embodying it is a noble effort which we are all working on in various ways and which will take a bit of doing. Having this book as somewhat of a concise roadmap is immensely helpful. When you can see more clearly why things are working the way they are you can then also see more clearly how to navigate more precisely to your destination.

I AM eternally grateful to be taking this journey with all of you incredible beings on this beautiful and beloved orb we call home!