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universal laws book: samnatha ray, master menon, sirius revelations

First, I (Simeon) would like to say that the initial response I have gotten from this book is very encouraging, thank you to everyone who has taken the journey! Here is what some of the early people are saying about this book:

Oh Simeon, this is stunning! What a beautiful gift to humanity! Please, please thank Master Menon for the connection and deeply valuable information. I have always wondered how we are supposed to be in alignment with universal laws when we don't even know what they are! I found one book last fall that has been a bit helpful but nothing like this. . . Thank you, thank you for your stellar efforts. . . I shall treasure it for all the days of my life. Saraja ~ Nederlands, CO.


Began reading last night and REALLY attuning to the information... soooooooooo much easier to assimilate than other things I have read about Universal Law... great job! Many hugs for your work on this project that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO helpful to so many of us! ~ Che'usa Sienna Wend, Etna, CA.


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Now on to some interesting correlations that have come into my awareness regarding the Samnatha Ray, Master Menon, Sirius and this book project:

After releasing my new e-book "The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness" one of my early readers did some searching on Maia's Spirit Mythos website for information on Sirius. She was doing this search because of the connection the Master Menon has with the Sirian system, and because he was instrumental in the book project and she wished to further her attunement to Sirian energy.

This search resulted in her finding an article Maia wrote back in 2004 entitled "Sirius Rising." In this article Maia related the connection between the Master Menon, Sirius and something Thoth was referring to as the "Samnatha Ray."

This was a very auspicious synchronicity because on June 8th, 2004 we did a quite powerful ceremony on Haleakala, Mau'i as part of our work with the opening of the Venus Gate which is defined by the 8 year span between the two Venus transits (2004 - 2012). This work involved some other high-level dynamics as well with something called the Opah Symbols that my wife Maia had brought through many years previously and which had been artistically rendered and taken through a special ceremony on Mt. Sinai back in the 80's.

I had worked to attempt to define these Universal Laws previously, I had done research etc, and I had been working to align myself to and embody these laws, but I had not made the deeper connection with the essence of these laws that I sensed was available. It was shortly after this sacred ceremony in June 2004 that I started receiving some very clear insights into the workings of Universal Law through a connection with Master Menon.

The connection with this universal awareness that spontaneously developed for me in 2004-2005, as I now know, was as a result of the formation of, and my connection with, the Samnatha Ray that was intimately intertwined with the streaming of consciousness of Master Menon from within the Sirian system making its presence known upon the Earth. However, I did not actually become consciously aware of this until AFTER this book was finished and released. I was only aware of the connection I had with the Master Menon during the book project. It was, and remains, a very powerful connection.

It was this beloved reader of my book who pointed me to the information on the Samnatha Ray on Spirit Mythos and who suggested its apparent correlation to the book. When I embraced that info again now, it opened up a whole new field of awareness in terms of what had been going on for me "behind the scenes" while I was working on this book. In fact, it goes way beyond the book project, because as I state in the book, the book wrote me!

One of the striking correlations was that the Samnatha Ray is a product of the activity of the Violet, Indigo and Gold-Orange Rays -- look at the colors of the cover image I was guided to use for the book! It has all of those colors, and in fact they are the prominent colors in that cover art.

Additionally, we are approaching the mid-point in the Venus Gate which began on June 8th, 2004 and which concludes on June 6, 2012. I have been sensing that we will be doing some sort of Global Link coordination for this mid-point event, more to come on that.

Read more about the dynamics from which this book emerged and which we are closely engaged with now: