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may 2008 divine alignment

Within the Totality of My Awareness love is pure and free.

Limited states of awareness place restrictions on the power of love within those limited states.

Love is and will always remain, however, pure and free.

Pure and free love is always available in this expanded state of awareness.

The more that you expand your field of awareness into universal perspectives the more you will also experience a love that is pure and free.

This pure and free love operates autonomously within the principles of unity and compassion.

It does not require any effort for these principles to be present with pure and free love.

It does require an expanded awareness, and that may take some effort to achieve and sustain.

Pure and free love is like the destination on a long journey, and the effort to attain the awareness necessary to reach the destination is the journey itself.

Expanding your field of awareness into more universal perspectives carries with it a profound responsibility.

This is a responsibility to live your life according to the new perspectives you have achieved to the best of your ability.

To be the recipient of further expansions of universal awareness you must properly assume this responsibility for the awareness you have already attained.

You can think of yourself as a love time-machine, a portal to the pure and free love your world is destined to know soon.

If all of the love time-machines on your planet set their transport control to the era of pure and free love on planet Earth and strive to become a living example of that pure and free love here and now,

The whole planet will transport through the collective love time-machine portal very quickly.

Be forever enveloped in expanded states of awareness and there we shall meet in the greater field of My Love.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid