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auum healing network follow-up

First, the AUUM Healing Network Activator Key (energy-art template) that Maia has created to facilitate access to the AUUM Healing Network has now been revised. It now better embodies the 144 Illuminaries through providing an actual representation of not only the 18 groupings of 8 Iluminaries, but the 8 Illuminaries in each grouping as well. This was accomplished with a modified Flower of Life type symbol that I created for the purpose which is eight overlapping circles arranged geometrically.

View and download the new version

We have had some very profound experiences with working with the AUUM Healing Network and receiving the energies being transmitted by the 144 Illuminaries who are transmitting healing energy through the network.

We have also received numerous reports from various people in various places on the planet that are having similar occurrences, visions they feel are related, and so forth. If you would like to share your experiences with others the best place to do that is on Maia's Ascension Hologram (AHN) site

You will have to become a member of the AHN to post comments, but that is a free service.

If you have not yet participated in the AUUM Healing Network from May 5th through May 11th we would encourage you to do so. The more people that are opening themselves up to being recipients of this energy the more healing energy that pours into this planet to lift the whole collective consciousness into more expanded planes of experience. It is therefore both personal and planetary work.

I just realized today that Thoth and the other 143 AUUM Illuminaries started these transmissions on a New Moon and will end them on first quarter moon, this is esoterically the time of new beginnings in each lunar cycle is is perfect for the introduction of the AUUM Healing Network!

We also know that they will be giving us other windows of time to connect with these transmissions as well. One of them will be coming up here shortly in June as part of the Venus Transit midpoint (June 7th) global coordination we will be announcing here shortly.

Also, I would like to share with those of you who are using my SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian radionics program that I have found if you first set the energy-art AUUM Activator Key image as your desktop background/wallpaper and then position your Thoth Master Guardian with the portrait animation running over the lower part of the Fleur de Leis on the AUUM Activator Key it is a very powerful dynamic. This is even better with the AUUM Network radionics number entered into the intentions box of the program along with your other numbers and intentions.

For Internet Explorer users you can set the image as your desktop background/wallpaper by right-clicking on it and selecting "Set as Background," or for FireFox users right-click and choose "Set as Desktop Background."

For Mac users who cannot use the Thoth Master Guardian program you can place the Activator Key image in a word processor document along with the AUUM radionics number, your intentions, and any other numbers like your Seraphi Personal Profile and/or the Seraphi Planetary numbers and then save it to the hard drive. If you open that document and just take it contents in briefly each day it will assist you in making the connections. The Thoth Master Guardian is even more effective, but this is an entirely viable way to participate.

Download your copy of the SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far in the AUUM Healing Network for the benefit of their own healing and the healing of all beings on our planet. This is what it is about, we heal ourselves and we heal the whole collective.

We are cosmic healing surrogates in this sense, and in consciously acknowledging this we actually expand the power of the healing that is possible because we expand the parameters of our service and healing into the unified field more succinctly.

by Simeon Nartoomid