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venus passage midpoint and AUUM healing network coordination

First, a reminder that you should now remove the previous AUUM Healing Network Pymander radionics number from your SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian's intention window (keep the rest you have there in place). This helps to establish the correct "pulse effect" when we turn the radionics attunements on and off in conjunction with the various windows of opportunity we will be working through with the 144 Illuminaries of the AUUM Network.

The NEXT AUUM Healing Network transmissions will be taking place from June 5th through June 11th (again at 1AM your local time while you are likely to be asleep). This places the Venus Passage Midpoint on June 7th within this window as well. The AUUM Healing Network will therefore also be working to facilitate the Venus Passage Midpoint / Opah Symbols dynamics as well.

The NEW AUUM Healing Network Pymander radionics attunement number for use in the upcoming AUUM Healing coordination is AUUM.222754.333. Wait until June 5th then add this to your intentions and other Pymander attunement numbers (if any) in the intention box of your SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program until June 11th then remove it again.

Obtain the SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian program (PC only).

Access Maia's AUUM Activator Key energy-art for download (right-click image to download).

The shamanic midpoint of the Venus Passage is not as clearly defined as is the span one Earth day. Our friend Cayelin Castell of Shamanic Astrology and Celestial Timings had this to say about it:

To me the mid-point spans the time Venus is in the underworld form May 2 to July 15 of this year. The anniversary of the transit seems perfect... the underworld Transit when Venus goes across the Sun can only happen when Venus is between the Earth and the Sun...this underworld transit lasts so long because Venus is on the other side of the Sun...but she is in the underworld none-the-less so definitely the mid-point.

Note: Cayelin produces a monthly Celestial Timings newsletter with both a free and a paid version which we highly recommend.

The June 7th date falls at the midway point of the period Cayelin describes from May 2nd to July 15th. It is also between the June 8th and June 6th dates of the two Venus Transits in 2004 and 2012 respectively. In addition, Thoth indicated to us that this was the best date to coordinate our global processes for the Venus Passage Midpoint, so we shall be using this date.

We will release a suggested process for use on June 7th here shortly, this is just a notice to let you know the dates involved.

On June 4th, 2004 Maia and I and two of our friends were present on Haleakala and did a process with the "Opah Symbols" which were buried completing a sacred planetary process that began back in 1976. The seal used to create the wax seals that "closed" the Opah Symbols on Mt Sinai was commissioned by Thoth through Maia in 1976 and she was given the symbols to commit calligraphically to heavy handmade parchment in 1989.

Read more of this story and view the Opah Symbols.

Due to our current personal circumstances we will not be going to the site of where the Opah symbols were buried on Haleakala in 2004 as we orginally planned on June 7th, 2008. We invite anyone who feels guided to be there to do so. I (Simeon) will do my best to help you find the location again -- just contact me. Thoth indicates anyplace on Haleakala will actually work, but you may feel guided to visit the Opah site.

Thoth indicates it is not necessary to have people there on-site either, but it could enhance the whole process if a few people were there. Check with your guidance and please let us know if you are planning on going to Haleakala for the June 7th process.

We are working with the same energy as previously in 2004 but it is more mature, further developed, and thus it is more powerful in many ways although we are as a whole better able to handle that spiritual power now than we were able to in 2004.

We are in effect facilitating the incarnation of the New Earth Goddess as she pours forth her soul essence into form here in the old Earth. This old Earth will not be quite the same after this has completed in 2012. We are already seeing many possibilities emerging around the world as the increasing planetary crisis' call more and more people to unify and work together to solve their common problems and to respond compassionately to the plight of others.

We are in the fulcrum of this movement now, we are within the Shamanic Midpoint of the Venus Passage that ushers us into the next stage of the ascension and into the arms of the New Earth Goddess. As we approach the "crux point" on the June 7th the energy around these dynamics will intensify in many ways, then it will start rolling down hill like a snowball gaining size and picking up momentum as it goes.

Here are some convenient links for exploring what the Venus Passage and Opah Symbols are about relative to the planetary ascension. These are a great attunement for the upcoming June 7th global link process we provide here soon:

by Simeon Nartoomid