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new earth star akashic portraits gallery

FIRST, a noteworthy announcement: the waiting time on all my (Maia) session and personal art services such as Merkabah Logos, Healing Mandalas, Twining Flame Medallions, New Earth Star Portraits, Sessions with the Masters, etc. is currently reduced to 1 -3 weeks (wait time was 2 1/2 to 3 months)!

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The Main Announcement

I have now done a number of the New Earth Star Akashic Portraits for people and it is turning out to be even more powerful for people than I had originally thought it would be (and I had great expectations at that!)

Thoth had told me at the onset that these New Earth Star Portraits would help open specific pathways for New Earth Star energies and consciousness into the collective consciousness of the planet and that those person's who were guided and able to interact with their own portrait would not only facilitate that process but would also benefit greatly. The feedback I have been getting on these portraits truly supports what Thoth indicated and more!

Many thanks to those of you who have taken this journey to date. You have, in addition to what I just shared above, helped me to meet my needs and to keep offering information and features through my Spirit Mythos and Ascension Hologram websites and this list.

I now have an online gallery for all the New Earth Star Portraits I have done thus far. Like with many of my other galleries it shows you the thumbnail images and when you click on them the larger image loads in and right below it I have also included the vibrational New Earth Star name of that being's aspect as well as some of the information Thoth gave me for that person's portrait and their feedback.

I have also received that even those who cannot afford one of these portraits for themselves can benefit by working with those portraits that have been done for others in the gallery. They each represent unique and synergic energy pathways into the New Earth Star ascended reality and can thus help you access your own New Earth Star aspects.

To view my New Earth Star Akashic Portraits gallery just go to the main info/ordering page and click on the "Visit the New Earth Star Portraits Gallery" link.

by Maia Christianne Nartoomid