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06/07/08 venus passage midpoint global link process

Here is the suggested process I (Simeon) have guided to share with you for working with the upcoming Venus Passage Midpoint, especially as it relates to the work of this earthen Station of Light that facilitated the insertion of the energetics of the Opah symbols into this cosmic slipstream of energy that is destined to control the spiritual weather on Earth in the next cycle.

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION: it would be best if possible to engage this process at 10:10AM and/or 10:10PM your local time on June 7th, 2008. The Merkabah of the Host indicated to me that the 10:10 time node will help sync the Venusian energies to the solar energies creating a more balanced divine masculine-feminine dynamic. Also, it is highly recommended that you read this information which I brought through just prior to the first Venus Node (June 8th, 2004) of this Venus Passage so you have a better attunement and grasp of the energetics we are further facilitating:

If you wish to participate in the Global Link and neither of the 10:10 link times works for you then simply do the process whenever you are able to and ask God-Spirit-Source, your own Divinity, to synchronize your being, intentions, efforts and energies with all those others that are operating within the 10:10 time nodes.

THE PROCESS: start the process by working with the Opah symbols one at a time.

Access and print the Opah symbols online

Read more about the history of Maia's work with these symbols going back into the 80's.

While focusing on each one of the Opah symbols, slowly and rhythmically take 10 deep breaths in through the heart chakra, and then out through the root chakra extending your exhale all the way down through Malkuth (deep forest green sphere) below your feet and into the center of the Earth (Heart of Gaia - Radiant Opalescent White sphere). Then follow this for each symbol with 10 more deep slow breaths in through the heart chakra and out through the crown, extending the exhale up through the radiant structure of the Soul Lotus, through the radiant form of the Universal Christos, and then straight into the very heart of Lord Metatron.

You will therefore move through this process one symbol at a time, doing twenty breaths (10:10) as indicated for each. Go slow and easy so as to not hyperventilate. You want to feel the prana in your body amping up, but not let it get too wild unless you are familiar and comfortable with this type of energy so it will not distract your focus.

Once you have completed the 10:10 Opah Breaths, then say the following prayer to, with, and for Ishkea, Bride of the Universal Christos.

Ishkea, Bride of the Universal Christos, may my heart be opened fully to you and your celestial daughter Venus this very sacred day. May I be imprinted with and fully embody your Divine caring and compassion each and every moment of my existence, and may I do so as a surrogate for the entire collective humanity of the Earth.

May I always remain aware from this point forward of the choice I have to respond from a place of compassion and caring rather than from fear and separation at all times regardless of what may seem justified to the contrary. My any tears I may shed on my path be offered as blessings of holy water upon the greater altar of Divine Love, and may they be as a baptism of Spirit for my growing and expanding human self.

Amama ua noa (the prayer has flown)

Now enter into a free flowing few minutes of deep silence and open and ask for further guidance. The Merkabah of the Host, Isho'a (Yeshua), Ishkea and other Radiant Ones will be there waiting to work with you as you make an opening for this. Each of you has something special you have brought to this Earth to offer into her sacred cauldron of blessings. It is time you know more about this special blessing you carry, it must be released now for Ishkea's work to unfold smoothly for humans on this Earth. Your special blessing is an extension of her energies here on this planet. It will be this energy that boosts our momentum as a collective within the universal continuum in harmonic alignment with the Galactic Programs of Light now being activated. If enough people on this planet can release this special blessing and gift they carry, it will trigger release of those many others carry as well having an energetic domino effect.

We will look forward to working in the inner planes with everyone who participates on June 7th

Again, if anyone is being guided to head to Haleakala on Mau'i to do this work please let us know, we may have some special messages for you.

by Simeon Nartoomid