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venus passage midpoint and auum healing network updates

A reminder that on June 5th (through the 11th) starts the next AUUM Healing Network Transmissions by the 144 Illuminaries working with this vehicle for transformation and healing of Earth and her beloved children (us).

More AUUM Healing Network info here.

If you are working with the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian program it is recommended that you add the AUUM Pymander radionics codes given at the web location provided above in the intention box of your Master Guardian program and be sure to click "save". This number should be added at the end of all other intentions and numbers you have programmed there. On June 11th you will then remove the AUUM Network Pymander number.

Also, I forgot to say in my previous message about the upcoming Venus Passage Midpoint that the AUUM Healing Network is setting a background overtone that will greatly enhance, harmonize, and facilitate the work we are doing with the Venus Passage Midpoint dynamics.

Working with both of these is highly advantageous and the net effect is that many additional quantums of Superliminal Light will be generated within the planetary auric field as a result.

Read our information and suggested process for working with the upcoming Venus Passage Midpoint dynamics.

Our dear friend and colleague, Cayelin Castell, of Shamanic Astrology and Celestial Timings monthly newsletter, has provided us with the following very informative and insightful article containing key astrological insights into the Venus Passage Midpoint dynamics:

The Mid-Point of the Venus Passages between 2004 and 2012 ~ by Cayelin K. Castell

June features an intriguingly significant Venus Sun conjunction that is marking the exact half way point between the June 2004 and the June 2012 Venus transits over the face of the Sun.  The initiatory energy that was activated in June 2004 is undergoing a deepening this month on June 8 when Venus meets with the Sun in the exact area of the sky where the 2004 transit/initiation occurred exactly four years after the first transit and four years until the next transit. This half way point however finds Venus on the other side of the Sun (or behind the Sun from the Earth's perspective) and out of our view for about 75 days re-emerging into the evening sky around July 15.

When Venus is on the other side of the Sun she is the furthest away from Earth and spends anywhere from 60 to 90 days off the world stage meaning Venus is not visible in either the morning or evening sky. In 2004 Venus was retrograde and closest to the Earth passing between the Earth and the Sun moving from the evening to the morning sky in about 8 days. The alignment then was such that Venus could be seen crossing the face of the Sun in certain parts of the world.  Currently Venus is furthest away from the Earth on the other side of the Sun, for about 75 days, in direct motion, and in the process of moving from morning star to evening star. So we see this is in the exact opposite part of the Venus cycle as compared to when Venus is transiting the face of the Sun.

The Mayans and other ancient cultures closely tracked the Venus cycle and the transits of Venus over the Sun because they knew these transits marked major shifts in the collective experience. The 2004 Transit began an eight year global initiation and awakening of humanity beyond anything we have previously experienced. The 2012 Venus Transit completes this eight year initiatory window. Therefore this half way point is intended to remind us of this initiatory process calibrating our awareness to reach beyond our current global consciousness expanding to encompass incoming inter-galactic codes and information. This is partly due to the Venus passages occurring at the Galactic edge letting us know that this initiation reaches beyond our Galaxy and extends far into the Universe.  

With both the June 7, 2004 and June 5, 2012 Venus passages (in some areas the dates are a day later) over the Sun occurring near the Galactic Edge the essence of these transits are activating a Venus Stargate that will be fully functional by the 2012 Venus transit.  The rarity of this Venus transit eight year window near the Summer Solstice occurs every 243 years. The last pair of Gemini Venus transits occurred in 1761 and 1769 and at that time we had not yet reached the Galactic Alignment that is taking place now.  (See June 8 Celestial Timings for more details on the years between Venus transits)

The exact 26,000 year Galactic Alignment we are currently experiencing began when the Solstice points moved within one degree of the two Galactic Crosses (where the Ecliptic or plane of the Solar System and the Milky Way or Plane of the Galaxy intersect). We entered the one degree zone in 1926 and will leave the one degree zone in 2070 based on the calculations of astronomer Jean Muess. He calculated the exact center point to be May, 1998. The Solstice points move about one degree every 72 years so adding 72 years before and after May, 1998 gives us the 144 year window.  So we know astronomically that May, 1998 was the exact alignment however there are many rare and significant Celestial events occurring in 2012 including the completion of the Venus Transit Initiatory Window that is providing us with a further acceleration of greater awakening and appreciation of the divine feminine energy as an essential key in the transformative process of the Turning of the Ages.

Another factor worth noting is the location of the Venus Passage occurring in the same area of the sky in both 2004 and 2012 (as well as this year 2008 at the mid-point). All three events are occurring between the Horns of the Bull a.k.a Taurus. Ancient cultures looked to this area of the sky for special Celestial Events to let them know when the ages were shifting. This information from the Fixed Star site further illustrates this.

The Great Bull of Heaven is linked with the end of each of the four ages; (the bull it is said) withdraws one of its hooves from the ground. When all are free the foundations of the world will be destroyed.  Shiva's 'perfect horn' is the crescent Moon. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. 'aleph, which means "bull", is the symbol of the moon in its first week and also the name of the sign of the zodiac where the moon's mansions begin' (ELIT p.178). Many letters of the alphabet, hieroglyphs and ideograms are simultaneously associated with the phases of the Moon and with the bull's horns, the latter often compared with the crescent Moon.

More info on Taurus

In addition to the Venus transit and this month's Sun-Venus conjunction occurring in this area of the sky we also have the tiny new Crescent Moon setting between 9:30 and 10 pm local time on June 4 near the tips of the horns of the Great Bull of Heaven pointing to the Galactic Edge.  It was 6500 years ago the ancients knew we were at a Turning of an Age when they saw the Crescent Moon near the Horns of the Bull at the Spring Equinox. We are now one quarter turn later when the Summer Solstice is located where the Spring Equinox was 6500 years ago.

Clearly it is no accident that we have chosen to be here on Earth at this time as witness to this grand cosmic unfolding. Our conscious participation, appreciation and awareness of these events help determine what is now seeking manifestation through what we are imaging and energizing in our hearts. As Carl Jung reminded us it is essential as conscious participants with this significant turning of the great galactic wheel that we "dream the dream onward" .

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