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auum transmissions, smk codes and venus passage midpoint

This message attempts to clarify and consolidate various pieces of information and the inter-linking cosmic processes they describe. I will keep this as concise as possible!

Today, June 5th, we have entered into the next period of the AUUM Healing Network Transmissions by the 144 Illuminaries working through that matrix.

We also have the ongoing global work with the Seraphi Manifestation Key (SMK) planetary codes taking place.

Then there is the upcoming Venus Passage Midpoint Global Link on June 7th, this Saturday (in USA).

I (Simeon) have been answering many questions regarding the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer radionics numbers being used for AUUM and the SMK, especially in conjunction with using the SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian program as a tool to facilitate these higher level dynamics.

These radionics numbers will be changed periodically as Thoth provides them to Maia. You can get these numbers here:

Scroll down to the bottom of these pages and look for the numbers in yellow highlighting.

If you have the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian Pymander radionics program, go into the "Settings" section of the program, type these numbers into the intentions text box AFTER your intentions, then click "Save."

The SMK numbers stay in there all the time, you just change them whenever we provide new ones. The AUUM numbers go in there when each AUUM Transmission period begins (currently 6/5) and they should be removed when that AUUM Transmission period concludes (6/11 currently). Your intentions remain in there and you update those as you wish, just be careful to keep your numbers intact when you do.

We will be creating one web page here shortly where you can get all your current radionics numbers for all the different Pymander radionics Programs of Light that Thoth is inviting us to participate in here shortly. Until then, get them as stated above.

There aren't any Pymander radionics numbers that have been given to us for the Venus Passage Midpoint Global Link. The SMK and AUUM numbers are supporting that too, and our key with the Venus Passage work is the 10:10 harmonic. You could, if you wish, type the 10:10 number into your Thoth Master Guardian's intention text box as well for that one day.

If you have a Mac or for some other reason cannot make use of the SpiritWareT Thoth Master Guardian on your computer or you do not wish to, you can do somewhat similar things by creating a word processor document that has your intentions written in it along with the various radionics numbers. You could even include images if you wish, colored text etc to enhance the effect. Then save this file to your hard drive where you can find it again.

Open it and look at it regularly, and this will be a simple radionics/psionics device that uses yor computer's electromagnetic storage media to broadcast these frequencies and it will make a harmonic connection with the Pymander due to resonance principles if you have the Pymander radionics numbers in it. Using something like the Thoth Master Guardian is a bit more effective, but hey, we did it the other way for many years before I created the desktop application to make it even more potent and it definitely was quite powerful nontheless.

To make it even more powerful you can also attach that document you created to an email and send it to yourself periodically. That causes the energy stored in that file to travel across many ley lines on the Earth, all of which pick it up and broadcast it into the planetary environment.

So, for that reason as well as your convenience, I am also placing the current AUUM and SMK numbers right here in this webpage:

AUUM.222754.333 | SMK: 22619.88.54

Bringing this information through and making it available globally takes much time, money and effort. Websites must be maintained, we must eat and pay bills etc, and we both do this full time, we do not have any other businesses or jobs. We greatly appreciate the few of you who make donations, some of them are exemplary donations. If it were not for you we would not be able to provide this service. THANK YOU, you know who you are!

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This is sort of like ecological products in principle. We all know they cost more yet we try to purchase as many eco-friendly products as we can to help support the industry as part of a global movement in consciousness.

With leading edge spiritual awareness and information it is much the same, it costs more to deliver such information because it is being done on a smaller scale and in Spirit's timing which does not sync up to the common manifestational grid on the planet all that well. Likewise, supporting this work and others who do similar work helps the advancing field of higher consciousness on this planet to get more firmly anchored within Gaia's body.

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