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june 2008 divine alignment

I AM LOVE, and I love you.

We are not separate, but together we exist in a synchronous harmony as a unified beingness.

The love I have for you is intrinsic within you as a deep love for yourself.

Yet, there are many of you who will not accept my love of you as love of yourself.

A fear of ego and selfishness largely drives this pattern within the collective soul of humanity in Earth.

Being aware of these possible problems is all right and good.

Allowing them to crush your love for self leads to pain and suffering on many levels.

If you have trouble allowing your innate love for yourself to emerge, simply hand whatever is causing that trouble over to Me, your Divinity.

That is the first step, and it constitutes a form of self-love in and of itself.

When you hand your troubles over to your Divinity you are lightening your load out of compassion for yourself.

Your physical bodies are sentient devic creatures.

They are your companions on your journey upon the Earth.

These devic creatures also need love.

Treat them gently, kindly and with respect, and do not judge them for their limitations.

They do not hold you back like it would seem.

They rather give you passage to the end of your mission on Earth.

Then they too, shall receive the last greatest blessing in the Earth and join you in the New Earth in other capacities.

I AM LOVE, and I love you.

by Simeon Nartoomid