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volume 02, 2008 numis'om ~ eye of metatron now available

The next issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron is now ready for subscriber's to read just in time for Summer Solstice!

There is an online web version which has all the hyperlinks for further reading, study and exploration and sometimes also various forms of online media. There is additionally a printer friendly PDF version each issue which will allow you to make a very nice printed copy if you wish to relax and read it wherever you wish and not be tied to the computer.

Remember, that with this e-publication currently you can access ALL the back issues at no extra charge which makes interlinking study, research and exploration very handy. We would like to continue this policy, but in order to do so we need more subscribers. If you have not yet subscribed please consider doing so, you will also be supporting all of our free information and services as well. If you are a subscriber and gain benefit from reading Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron and our other offerings, please tell your friends and any others you know who may be interested to help us out a bit. We work primarily through word of mouth promotion.

Here is a slightly revised peek at what is in the current issue:

Korbola, the City Out of Time: Korbola, which we are calling a "city," is really more of a dimensional gathering, encompassing more than just the main structures atop what is in this current reality, the large, flat-topped mountain in Israel by the Dead Sea known as Masada. This location bears a tragic history for the Jews, but was sacred ground long before that, and is a key node in the future for our current connection to the New Earth of Numis'OM.

Manna, Elixir of the Gods: When we hear or read the word "Manna" we think of the Biblical Exodus when the Israelites were guided into the Sinai by Moses were mysteriously "fed" by a white, dew-like substance falling from the sky. According to Thoth, there were Ultra-Terrestrial Light Craft feeding the people in this way, and the "Manna" was a form of monoatomic high-energy substance.

The New Earth Arks: the 'New Arks' are a much higher and more dimensional type of communication vector. They inscribe into Numis'OM the key creation codes from what Thoth calls the 'Diamond Star Systems' of the Metatronic universe. These star systems contain pure crystalline LIGHT from the flashing 'diamond' suns within them that are constantly moving in and out of multiple universes, bringing in streams or threads of divine essence and 'weaving' through their systems a network of pure Metatronic being.

Healing in the New Earth: Numis'OM is the first stage of development for the New Earth Star's World System II. It is thus still somewhat dualistic, although not to the degree as is our current world. Souls and all living things ascending from the Old Earth into the New Earth will bring with them a 'phantom' of their Old World being. This will be subtle, but present. However, every living thing 'arriving' is instantly enveloped in a cloak of LIGHT that connects them to those guardians, guides and healers from whose administrations they will specifically benefit.

New Earth Star Island - a spiritual online 3D interactive experience coming soon: more on our new project of creating a NEW EARTH STAR ISLAND in a virtual world that is a very powerful 3D online reality and which supports a level of interactivity between members of its vast community which is unprecedented to date. This provides us with the perfect medium to create a community of people online that are dedicated to having and promoting New Earth Star awareness, consaciousness and direct experiences. Such an environment makes it sooo very real it is tangible and Thoth tells us this will also accellerate personal and planetary ascension processes in a graceful and really fun way.

The Dragon Pearl Photo-Art Gallery and Oracle: each of the seven Dragon Pearl's attunements includes: the physcial level, etheric level, planetary level and also information about the dragon spirit of that Dragon Pearl. This not an article unto itself, links to this gallery and information can be found within the "Healing in the New Earth" and "Heart-Speak from Thoth" articles.

Heart-Speak With Thoth: questions from readers are answered by Thoth on various topics inluding the Anti-Christ, properties of the New Earth Star, the Seven Scrolls of Babylon and much more.