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july 2008 auum healing network transmissions

First, two lesser announcements:

1) Our Spirit Store now has a more appropriate and easier to remember domain which is now:

The old domain and any links to it will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

2) The Spirit Mythos Forums are now archived and no longer active for posting messages, they are thereby read-only. The user interactivity feature they once offered has now been replaced by Maia's recently new Ascension Hologram Network site at

On our Ascension Hologram Network site you can post comments, share experiences, information, events and images and even create your own pages as part of the Ascension Hologram Network.

This site has more to offer in many ways than the forums did and we do not have to deal with the ongoing problem with spammers because has the ability to technical gutzpa keep that under control.

The Spirit Mythos Forums are thus now available for everyone to read as an archive (there is a lot of interesting information in there) and no longer require a subscriber login to access:


Thoth has just advised Maia that the next AUUM Healing Network Transmissions will take place from July 22nd through July 28th. You can read more about the energy dynamics involved in these July transmissions (including a heart-stone activation at the Rosslyn Chapel) and get your new AUUM Healing Network radionics number for use in your SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian or other psionic/radionics setup on the Ascension Hologram Network here.