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ascension hologram network numis'om discussion group

Maia has created a special section on her Ascension Hologram Network (AHN) web site dedicated to sharing and discussing topics and foci that appear within our quarterly e-publication Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

This is open to everyone but is primarily intended for Numis'OM subscribers to take what Maia and Thoth have offered to new levels of understanding through their enlightened exchange with each other.

However, that said, it is possible for people who are not subscribers to participate in these discussions provided they are keying off of the topics that subscribers are discussing rather than trying to start new topics of their own.

The main section of Ascension Hologram Network can be used for starting spiritual topics of your own of course at any time, so please consider joining us there either way.

Non-subscribers can also of course just read what others are sharing and discussing related to Numis'OM and gain benefit that way as well.

View the new AHN Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron discussion group.

This effectively replaces the old Spirit Mythos forums that were being used for this purpose in the past and allows more people to benefit from the exchanges and sharing that take place.