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A blessed Independence Day holiday to those of you in the USA, and a blessed spiritual liberation to ALL.

For the last month and a half Maia and I (Simeon) have been exploring and learning about something that offers all of us an excellent tool for creating and experiencing a more profound sense of enlightened global community. This also offers us the medium we have been looking for to create what we originally envisioned as the online user interactive Temple of Illumined Initiation.

We brought that Temple's information through when we first introduced Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron back in May 2006. It is still available on the page where you subscribe. (click "About Our Subscriptions" and then "Access to the Temple of Illumined Initiation")

We first introduced this new direction we are taking in the latest issue of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron a couple of weeks ago. We now have some people that have been exploring this virtual world and we are getting a nice sense of the community that is already forming.

This new medium is a virtual world called Second Life that is quite vast and very sophisticated. It offers a powerful 3D virtual reality complete with all the bells and whistles we need to be able to create the special effects and user interactivity features we desired as well as the community building tools required for that (text and voice chat, friends list, instant messages, groups, etc.)

This offers us so much more than we had ever dreamed possible in an online spiritual community experience as well. We (and others) will be able to use this to conduct online seminars, initiations, classes, workshops and conferences in a way that makes MicroSoft Meeting or WebEx seem quite boring.

Imagine yourself represented by a 3D animated avatar of your own creation (and these can be quite sophisticated and real looking, can be animals, faeries, angels, etc.) attending an event being held in a very realistic 3D replica of one of the Master Temples that Maia's akashic vision sees within the New Earth Star ascended reality.

The Master of Ceremonies appears in a flash of golden-white light with claps of thunder and orbs of light spin off out of the Master's field into the bodies of those gathered to quicken their frequency, there is a pause then the Violet Flame of purification pours forth engulfing all present. . .

This is the type of scenario that is possible, and MUCH more.

To read more about what we are doing and what this virtual world offers visit our Second Life web page which has our more complete explanation and links to other resources and picture galleries Maia has created from her explorations in this virtual world called Second Life.

There also has been some discussion on Ascension Hologram Network (AHN) between us and the people starting to take this journey. Some have expressed doubts and we have discussed those amongst us as well. You can read these discussions here. There are also some nice snapshots some of us have taken in the virtual world of Second Life depicting our avatars in various places or doing certain things (ie healing, contemplation, meditation).

We are now making the effort to invite everyone to join us that feels so guided. We are available "in-world" to help people just getting started and that alone helps develop a strong sense of friendship and community that is quite wonderful and sooo very much different than email, blogs or online social networking sites, as nice and helpful as those are.

We are hoping to see many of you in-world as they say!