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july 2008 divine alignment

Within your hearts and feelings I speak to you.

Within your minds I speak to you.

Within your bodies I speak to you.

I speak to you through others in your life.

I speak to you through situations and circumstances in your life.

My voice is all-inclusive, it never negates any other voice within or without you.

My voice embraces the cacophony of inner and outer voices vying for your attention.

My voice unifies all these voices into one coherent space of awareness that is greater than the sum of its parts.

My voice does not require that you do something.

My voice imparts awareness and understanding only.

With this expanded awareness and understanding,

The Love that I AM and which you are part of,

Compels you to act in resonance and harmony with it.

The actions are yours, always, but they are My gift to you.

Your actions are your cosmic playground.

The playground is always open.

The playground is meant to be a fulfilling and fun adventure.

Take full responsibility for your actions and you will realize all that the playground is meant to be in your life.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid