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august 2008 divine alignment

When you fly within the slipstream of my Love,

You breathe the rarified atmosphere of my Abode.

My Love in its most expanded levels of awareness,

Then resides within every atom, particle, wave and vibration. . .

Of your entire being.

To fly within the slipstream of my Love,

You must don your wings of acceptance. . .

Acceptance that everything has a right to exist, or it would not. . .

Acceptance that everything has a purpose for existing, or it would not. . .

Acceptance that you may not see the purpose for why some things exist. . .

Acceptance that regardless of what you are experiencing in the moment,

You ARE an expression of My Love, always, at all times.

It is your localized field of awareness that determines how My Love,

Can be expressed through you as an aspect of My Being.

I have an eternity to wait for all aspects of My Being to represent my true nature.

I have Infinite Love for all aspects of My Being as they go through the expansion of their perceived individuation.

Feel the pull of My Love in your heart, mind, body and soul,

and surrender to it each and every moment of your existence.

It is your path to true liberation, joy and happiness.

Yet, do not be mislead into believing that this means all the circumstance of your life will become perfect.

Divine Perfection is not to be found within the outer circumstances of your life, but rather in how you respond to them and thus experience them within yourself.

I have provided you with a foolproof feedback mechanism to guide you, you just need to learn how to use it better and then make it your utmost priority.

This feedback mechanism is that when you respond from the place of My Love which you ARE,

You have the good feeling in your heart and being.

In the days ahead, this will become the most valued treasure in the human experience.

It has already been visited upon many of My Children, but none will be forgotten, and none can truly refuse.

I bring this inner awareness to each in their own way and time.

Rejoice in the knowing that all is in My Hands, and your job is to simply listen carefully and respond from the depths of your essence, My Love.

That is all, let this awareness plunge deeper and bring deeper peace to you NOW.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid