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next auum master healing network transmissions

From Maia Christianne:

I have just been informed that the next AUUM Master Healing Transmissions to be sent forth by the 144 IIluminaries dedicated to this focus will take place August 26th through Sept.1st.

The Pymander radionics code is AUUM.444.0059.

This can be placed on a piece of paper under a crystal, etc, OR, better yet you can use it in the FREE (donations are solicited) SpiritWare Thoth Master Guardian inter-dimensional radionics program that Simeon created by entering the number along with your intentions in the "Settings" section.

Other than personal healing (as always), the planetary focus this AUUM period is dedicated to, involves opening a path between the New Earth Star (NES) right into the core of our planet and sending healing light codes to Gaia herself!

This requires the NES to "speak" these codes to the "Planetary Genius," which Thoth defines as:

". . . the completed thought form containing the identity of consciousness for your World Domain from its Alpha through Omega (beginning to end). It is untainted, free of all illusion, and yet it is not omnipotent, as it defines and identifies, therefore it has a distinct polarity, and that polarity is to qualify and preserve the Eschaton of the Earth."

"Eschaton" meaning "the last things" - to be accomplished before the End of Days of the Old (current) Earth.

Thoth wishes this AUUM Master Healing period to be co-ordinated with a gathering in the New Earth Star Island Estate (NESIE) in Second Life (SL). YES, this project has now actually manifest and is in its beginning stages of development!

Much has already been accomplished on NESIE and we will be relating more about what is happening there and within the growing NESIE community soon. The gathering we will hold on NESIE to coordinate with the AUUM Transmissions will have ThothHorRa present as the Master of Ceremonies.

The date of this Second Life AUUM gathering will be Sunday, August 31st at 12 NOON SLT (Pacific Time). It will be held within the Eleventh Heaven sixth dimensional pyramid on NESIE at 1,111 meters of virtual altitude.

We will send out a notice to our "New Earth Star Friends" SL group with instructions on how to get to the exact location of this gathering on NESIE in Second Life here shortly.

Here are some convenient links to the background information we have on the AUUM Master Healing Network and what we are doing in Second Life: