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september 2008 divine alignment

Divine perfection is found in a state of balance.

Balance can only be found within a state of acceptance.

Acceptance that everything which seeks expression through you,

Has a purpose and reason for seeking expression.

Acceptance that everything that seeks expression through others,

Has a purpose and reason for seeking expression.

Within the realm of limitations that comprises your outer world,

Many things are vying for expression.

The forms of many of these expressions are often judged and rejected,

And without realizing it. . .

The underlying Divine purpose and reason for these expression is also often rejected.

As beings incarnate within limited form expressions, it is important to. . .

Learn to discern more or less aligned expressions, and to simultaneously,

Accept that there is an underlying Divine purpose and reason,

For all expressions, even when they are not resonant within the Greater Field of My Love.

It is an expanded awareness that will allow you to achieve this ability.

It is awareness that allows acceptance and balance to become more present.

You can only balance that which you are aware of.

You can only transform that which you are aware of.

I however, represent the Totality of awareness.

If your own efforts fail, I AM here.

If you can learn to truly give to Me all that you cannot see, and

Which stands in your way of achieving balance,

It will be brought into awareness, acceptance and balance through My love for you.

All that is required in return to complete the circuit, is that you do the same for others,

In whatever capacity life itself requests of you.

Love is the unbroken circle, it does not travel upon a spiral, yet the spiral is born from within it's womb.

Circles are always in balance.

Join my circle of love and walk away from the rest.

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid