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October 2008 Divine Alignment

At the root of all duality of human experience,

Is the crystallized belief that there is My Kingdom on the one hand,

And on the other hand is something that is not part of My Kingdom.

I AM Omnipresent.

I AM thus present in all things.

Therefore My Kingdom is also present in all things.

When you create something unique. . .

A part of you always remains with what you created.

Artists experience this quite profoundly as do the admirers of their works.

So it is with Me, all that you see has arisen from the sea of My Creative Potentials.

My essence forever resides within it all.

I have given you the gift of self-awareness so you can see My essence within yourselves.

I have given you the gift of perception which allows you to see My essence in others.

Do you see me in all things?

It is hard for you sometimes I know.

This is only because the limited field of awareness in which your conscious mind operates.

Trust in your heart first and foremost,

That I AM there in everything you can see and experience, always.

Such trust opens the door to My Kingdom manifesting more of its potential within your human experience.

Such trust opens your human awareness to a more universal awareness.

Such trust brings you into the Greater Love of My Being.

Such trust brings Me and you into conscious sacred partnership on the material plane of your world.

Will you trust in My Omnipresence and consciously be My partner?

Divine Self via Simeon Nartoomid