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volume 03, 2008 numis'om ~ eye of metatron now available online

Numis'OM -Eye of Metatron, Volume 03, 2008 is now finally complete!

This volume is unique as 95% of it was 'dictated' by ThothHorRa (as he wishes to be called now). By that I mean I (Maia) felt his direct presence communing with me throughout.

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here is a quick look at the new issue

ThothHorRa, the New Earth Star and Second Life: ThothHorRa speaks about his 'new form' in Numis'OM. Why he is focusing it and how it relates to our Merkabah of Service for all of us who resonate with him.

ThothHorRa goes into some detail on different aspects of our New Earth Star Island Estate in the virtual world of Second Life, and how it is being created to represent various dynamics that exist in the actual New Earth Star reality.

ThothHorRa explores the most dynamic principle of planetary Ascension - the "Yushuda."

New Earth Creation Dynamic: ThothHorRa goes into explaining the Creation Matrix as represented by the archetype Nuut (Nut); and the Ascension role that the ancient Menhir (monolithic stones of the ancients) play.

The Nature Kingdom in the New Earth: ThothHorRa moves into the Nature Realm, and he explains how the current Earth and New Earth nature beings are part of the whole Ascension process.

In La'kech, the 13th Living Dweller Crystal Skull: ThothHorRa speaks of In La'kech - The 13th Living Crystal Skull, and how 'She' will come among us and explains what her core purpose will be for incarnating at that time.

The Holy Mountain of New Revelation: ThotHorRa herein opens the scroll on Mount Kailash, calling it the "Throne of the New Earth," and explains it's connection to himself and the Living Temple of In La'kech.

Heart-Speak with ThothHorRa: An onging column where people write and ask Thoth questions to clarify or expand upon information he has given, and at times which open up entirely new avenues of exploration. This is the "interactive" and "co-creative" aspect of my Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron quaterly e-pub.

Topics covered in this issue are: Christ consciousness grid and the New Earth; Supporting the influx of new souls incarnating to assist planetary ascension; The Wands of Horus; How to balance "doing" and "being," and more.

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