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november 2008 divine alignment

sweet nectar of the heart of god blossoming

Love, in countless myriad forms.

Eyes of a sparkling jewel.

Behold, glistening radiance.

In its entirety divinely sublime.

Embrace, each facet forms, a million stories told.

This jewel, lotus flower opening, each moment the heart of God renewed.

Oh, infinite beauty of a love so profound!

Sweet nectar of your bounteous glory!

May every breathe I take be rich with your scent,

May I ever drink deeply of your elixir!

For I too then am renewed...

Sweet taste of life everlasting.

by Molly Helene Hansen
(see author info below)

About the Author: Molly is a mystic at heart who through her bounteous devotion to the Divine Mother in her many forms has opened her heart to the profound beauty and exquisite rapture of the Divine. Her poems are but one expression of that energy that she loves to share with others.

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