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december 2008 divine alignment

All sustenance emerges from the stream of My love flowing through your hearts.

Its power is limitless, yet you each find yourselves dealing with limitations.

The nature of your world is limitation, judge it not.

You have come to Earth to experience limitation...

To embrace it...

To use it as a canvas upon which new and profoundly beautiful artistic impressions can be made with My love in its myriad forms as your brushes and palette.

To love your limitations is to transmute them and liberate them to their highest potentials.

This is not a possessive love, but a liberating love that is required.

Love the very fabric of the reality in which you find yourself right down to its densest component.

You will then see the illusion of that density and limitation and be forever free and fully sustained while still residing within its domain.

Divine Self via Simeon Chiron Nartoomid