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sneak preview of numis'om ~ eye of metatron

I (Maia) am in the the final stretch of getting the upcoming Volume 01, 2009 of Numis'OM together and over to Simeon for publishing. This new issue is based on some powerful personal visionary experiences and the dynamics they represent as follows:

1) My (Maia) visionary journey as 'Starheart'  to Mount Kailash and connective Earth nodes.

2) Portions of the interior enclave of Gurideva (inside Mount Kailash) are explored.

3) Revelations on the holographic transfer of the LOTUS Dweller Crystal Skulls from the Blue Star Valley to Gurideva, and the resultant forming of the In La'kech Earth grid.

4) My Starheart aspect's experience as the Mayan Medicine Chief Temple Doors, and her role with the Dweller Crystal Skulls.

5) ThothHorRa reveals to us more of the history of the complete 72 Dwellers, whose skulls became crystal and the 'TWELVE' now often appear as 'Dragon Lords' and why; ThothHorRa as one of these 'Lords' - more of his soul history revealed.

6) The 'Shamballah Installations' on the New Earth Star Island Estate and their purpose.

7) ThothHorRa's 'Heart-Speaking' response to several very interesting questions.

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ANU KA ~|~ I Extend to you the Ring of Soul Friendship,