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january 2009 divine alignment

Love is the finest and most sublime elixir of life.

Love is that rare substance that when poured from one cup to another leaves the original cup still full.

Love is inclusive, always.

Love embraces all despite flaws and imperfections.

Love is not the opposite of hate, love has no opposites.

Love is complete, those things with opposites can never be but half of the whole.

Love is whole, it is complete, it is wholeness itself.

Love is the Presence of God/Goddess in our midst.

Love is the Supreme creative power of the universe.

Love exists in all things at varying degrees of awareness.

Love is the substance from which everything was created.

Love uplifts the soul, yet the soul is pure love.

Love, loving itself, expands itself.

Love expanding, creates new beauty.

Love responds to new beauty by expanding again.

Love's beautiful heavenly spiral is both our Alpha and our Omega.

Love will take us home ~ have you been taking full advantage of all the opportunities life brings you each day to love at ever more expanded levels of awareness?

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid