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sweet acceptance

There is a tool I developed about nine years ago to help me and my clients in our ascension process. I call it the AAA of Spiritual Transformation. The three A's represent:

Awareness expanding in my experience.

Acceptance of everything within my field of expanding awareness.

Ascension of my consciousness to the next level.

This represents a cycle that I had identified in my personal experience and in the experience of the clients I was working with. It has turned out to be one of those things that stayed with me over time.

Whenever something like this stands the test of time and holds true within my experience I know it is universal in scope. This particular tool has proven to be just that.

It is simple, so it is easy to remember the concepts with just three keywords: Awareness, Acceptance and Ascension, or AAA.

It is profound in that in most cases, if I or one of my clients is having an internal difficulty it nearly always can be traced to the second 'A' or acceptance. This is a very important understanding. Most people quite naturally have expansions of awareness as they move through life. Life elicits that even when we fight the process. Fighting the process means we will not enjoy the journey, but we will still attain expanded awareness in some way.

However, if we do not accept everything that now appears in our expanded field of awareness the AAA process grinds to a halt. It cannot continue on to the ascension of consciousness phase for completion of that dynamic's cycle until acceptance has become sufficiently present.

Acceptance is an expression of Love. Love is a state of being, not a feeling, thought, action or deed. Loving feelings, thoughts, actions and deeds arise out of the state of being we call Love. In this sense then Love is a noun. When Love makes is first movement towards expression where it becomes a verb it takes form as acceptance. Simple acceptance of everything that exists. All things in existence have been granted the privilege of existence by the Supreme Power and Intelligence of the Universe, or they would not exist.

Acceptance, however, is something that many people including myself can have difficulty in accomplishing at times. I have spent much time contemplatively investigating and working with this inside the laboratory of myself and with my clients over the years. What I have discovered is that most of the difficulty usually arises because of crystallized beliefs that cause us to sub/unconsciously perceive that acceptance means to condone.

Therefore it is common for us to feel that if we accept something then we have condoned whatever it represents. I suppose in one manner of speaking this is a form of acceptance. Yet, the acceptance that I am speaking of in regards the AAA of Spiritual Transformation does not condone anything. It simply acknowledges that all things have a right to exist and therefore they have an underlying Divine Purpose even if we cannot see what that purpose may be in the moment. We can accept it as an article of faith if nothing else.

I have also discovered that when I accept the right of something to exist, and that it has a Divine Purpose and an intrinsic value in the greater scheme of things regardless of what external appearances would seem to indicate, then this opens a door where I do start to see at least a portion of the purpose for its existence. Whereas, if I do not accept whatever it is in this way, then the door to that greater awareness remains closed and I will cycle through many similar experiences until such time as I do come to a place of acceptance.

It is this form of acceptance that springs us free to move into the Ascension of consciousness phase of the AAA which occurs as a result of this sublime movement of Love. When we can freely move through an expansion of awareness into acceptance that all we now see within that expanded field of awareness has a right to exist and a Divine Purpose and thereby experience an ascension of our consciousness, this is one of the most exhilarating feelings of aliveness a human being can know.

The fulcrum for this whole movement is sweet acceptance, that first taste of the rarified Love that we are, moving through our beingness to embrace the entire Creation it ultimately has brought into being. Sweet acceptance in the end seems to me to be a very direct path to embodying our true Love nature. It takes us on a journey straight into the core of who and what we are, Pure Love.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid