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volume 01, 2009 numis'om ~ eye of metatron available

My new Volume 01, 2009 of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron is now online and available to subscribers.

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a look inside

Here is a brief look at what is inside the current issue along with some of the images which you can of course see in larger versions inside the issue:

lotus crystal skull

An Initiatory Journey ~ Path of Remembrance

This is a long article with numerous inter-connected parts starting with my (Maia) visionary journey in my 'Starheart' aspect to Mount Kailash and connective Earth nodes.


I re-visit my lifetime as a Mayan Priestess named 'Temple Doors' who led a mass migration when her people were endangered and her role with the Dweller Crystal Skulls.


Portions of the interior enclave of Gurideva (inside Mount Kailash) are explored.


Revelations on the holographic transference of the LOTUS Dweller Crystal Skulls from the Blue Star Valley to Gurideva, and the resultant forming of the In La'kech Earth grid.

ThothHorRa reveals to Starheart more of the history of the complete 72 Dwellers matrix, beings whose skulls became crystalline and the 'TWELVE' now often appear as 'Dragon Lords' and why; ThothHorRa as one of these 'Lords' - more of his soul history is revealed.

A Shamballah Installation

The 'Shamballah Installations' that were accomplished on the New Earth Star Island within the virtual world of Second Life and their purpose for facilitating planetary ascension.

Maia's Commentary

Short commentary on my perspective on channeling and mystical perceptions.

Heart-Speak With ThothHorRa

This is the interactive feature of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron. Readers can write in and ask questions pertaining to topics that have appeared in the publication or which are related. Most of these questions are answered and published in this section. In this issue we have questions on such topics as: axitonal moments, DNA in human bodies that have been placed in dimensionally shifted suspended states as vibratory anchors; the Runes and New Earth harmonics; the Zuvuya; Master Builders in the old and new Earth and much, much, more.

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