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the dynamic of fluidity

In these times of rapid change it is essential that we learn to be increasingly fluid. The degree of resistance we encounter through the various situations in our lives is directly proportional to the lack of our fluidity.

There is an analogy that well demonstrates the principle. Imagine a wire mesh strainer like you would use in the kitchen. If you pour something quite fluid into that strainer it runs right through immediately. If you pour something viscous into the strainer it takes awhile longer to run through and not all of it does. If you pour something with some larger solid pieces into the strainer the solids do not make it through the strainer at all.

In this analogy the strainer represents the structure of the circumstances and situations of our lives. What we pour through the strainer represents our consciousness. When there is a denser component in our consciousness it does not pass so easily through the circumstances and situations of our lives. If we have grossly dense aspects of our being they do not pass through the situations of our lives at all. They instead get stopped up and meet resistance within these situations and then we feel that as emotional pain.

This is a gift from Spirit, however, because then we get to sense, feel and see more clearly where our density resides so we can bring it into a lighter and more fluid state of being. In fact, in my view all of our Shadows are also gifts from Spirit that need to be understood and embraced fully. When we become aware of our Shadows and learn to accept them from the place of love, humility and authenticity they immediately begin to transform.

It is in the act of becoming aware of these aspects of our being that something magical starts to happen. We become as a witness to them, which places us into a more objective position relative to them. As we become more objective and are able to be our own witness, we align ourselves to our Divine Self. Think about it, what part of you is observing the Shadow? It is none other than your Divine Self which is outside of space, time and temporality.

Therefore in the simple act of becoming aware of what your Shadows are you move into greater alignment with your Divinity. The more that we can maintain this awareness, be objective, and simply witness the Shadow, the more deeply the Divine alignment which takes place will be.

This is a profound truth I have come to know. Our primary job is thus to become self-aware. Becoming self-aware is the process of developing consciousness itself. If we did not possess any self awareness we would be sentient beings but not conscious beings. There are many examples of sentient beings, such as rocks and many plants and animals.

In truth, in the animal kingdom all beings have some combination of sentience and consciousness, and in truth consciousness has sentience inherent within it. In the mineral kingdom it is pure sentience, even amongst the crystal beings and this is as it is intended to be. Sentience must be anchored properly in this reality, the mineral kingdom does that and thereby allows other beings the latitude to develop and explore consciousness upon a more stable base.

So, how can we become more aware of our Shadows? Its simple really. We first have to start taking full responsibility for everything we experience in our life. If we are feeling something inside us and we hold another person or situation accountable for what are feeling we have just formed a denser chunk of our being that will not pass through the strainer. This leads to further illusions wherein we continue to blame things outside of ourselves for what we are experiencing within ourselves. Only we are responsible for what we experience within ourselves and only we can change that. To believe otherwise is a major source of dis-empowerment on this planet.

When we have learned how to change our inner experience of any and all external circumstances life has to offer so that our experience reflects our love nature, we are then truly empowered and enlightened beings. In this state of being we are totally fluid and we are able to pass through all situations and circumstances of life without resistance. We are thus operating with a heart that is functioning fully and is balanced within love of self and other. In this state of being we are fully present in the NOW yet fully aware of past-present-future. The development of this state of being is a necessary pre-requisite to the ascension.

Another understanding that is quite helpful to this process is that the Shadow is simply one end of the energy spectrum of our being. Divine Self is in the same energy spectrum, not some different energy spectrum. It just resides at a different frequency. The red light in the rainbow is light at a lower frequency than the violet light in that same rainbow. The red light is not bad or evil, it is simply a different frequency because it has a different purpose in the larger scheme of things. The same is true of the Shadow and viewing it in this way is immensely helpful in learning to embrace it.

I have also found that having a deeper understanding of the specific nature of the Shadow end of our energy spectrum can also be of great assistance. This is especially true when I can identify the specific aspect of consciousness operating in my human vehicle and at the same time see what the specific Divine Attribute is that this particular Shadow is meant to be. This allows me to refocus my energy and consciousness in a very powerfully and specifically targeted way. If you are clear on where you need to go then your chances of getting there are much better! Imagine attempting to reach a destination in an unfamiliar territory without a road map or even knowing the exact name of the place!

The model I have been using for this purpose has 64 specific aspects to the Spectrum of Consciousness which correlate to the hexagrams of the I'Ching. Each aspect of the Spectrum of Consciousness or hexagram (also called a "Gate") has its own transcendental pathway defined. It provides the two faces of the Shadow that operates there (Repressive-Reactive) as well as two different levels of the upper end of the spectrum representing a unique human gift that I have been given and also the Divine attribute it is destined to become as I move into ever higher octaves of my expression as a human being.

I have found it immensely helpful to be able to have the benefit of this additional awareness on my side! We each have four primary aspects (out of the 64) which are defined by our astrology. The model I am using defines both a conscious and unconscious side to all planetary energies. The Sun and Earth positions carry the majority of the weight in your unique make up. Yes, you heard right, in this system the Earth has a position in the astrological chart!

In the "Understanding Your Cosmic Code" sessions I have been offering (and which are available at a special discount up until midnight on the day of the Pisces Full Moon on March 11th, 2009) you learn about your four primary consciousness genetic activations (codons) and the Spectrum of Consciousness they operate within. This maps out the Shadow, the Illumined Human Gift aspect and also the Illumined Higher or Divine Self aspect. By understanding these four primary full ranges of frequencies operating genetically within you at the level of your DNA and their correlations to each other which forms an even greater hologram of consciousness you are offered an awareness that has tremendous potential to help you liberate yourself, become totally fluid, and therefore flow through life gracefully and painlessly as the Divine Being that you are here to be!

Each of us has specifically defined or encoded aspects of the 64 Divine Attributes in the Spectrum of Consciousness that we are here to actualize for the collective soul of humanity. Knowing that we each are meant express unique combinations of these 64 Divine Attributes is in and of itself very helpful. We are not all going to be expressing the same exact Divine Attributes! Its good to know what we are encoded to express and actualize because then we can consciously participate more fully with our soul's intentions for our incarnation.

I'm wishing you an ever-deepening fluidity in your life experience!

More info on Understanding Your Cosmic Code sessions.

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid