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march 2009 divine alignment

I have given you your unconsciousness and your consciousness.

I have given you your shadows and your light.

I have given you your physical world and the spiritual worlds.

I have given you hard things and easy things.

I have given you a mind and a heart.

I have given you life and death.

Do not waste your time and energy attempting to reject part of what I have given you.

For in fully accepting ALL that I have given you, love prevails, and you will find your true nature in Me.

You do not have to understand why I have given you all of these things to accept them.

You will come to know why they were given to you in time. . .

Then you shall also know the fullness of My love for you throughout all of eternity.

I await your arrival with a love far greater than your mind can possibly comprehend.

You can feel it even now, come beautiful one, walk with me. . . forever.

Divine Self via Simeon Chiron Nartoomid