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new planetary seraphi manifestation code

ThothHorRa just provided me (Maia) with a new Seraphi Planetary Manifestation Code for connecting into current Programs of Light being run through the Pymander Elohim Inner Earth Computer for the fulfillment of the Earth's ascension process and all that is needed in manifestation to accomplish that. The new code is:


If you have the SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian radionics program which we offer as a FREE download (donations solicited) in our Spirit Store you can now add or update this SMK code in your intentions settings (be sure to click "save" when done).

We now have 354 SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian programs installed worldwide in 30 countries and 41 states in the USA. View a list of all the countries and states here.

You may also wish to obtain your own Personal Seraphi Profile number, or if you already have one, it may time for an update.

The following original information on the Seraphi Manifestation Key and related topics may also be helpful: