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the absolute pervasiveness of love

Love is something that takes many different forms of expression in the universe. It is the underlying reality within every animate or inanimate manifestation at any dimension or level of reality.

There is a cosmology for the creational sequencing in the universe that I was made aware of in a mystical experience some years ago. In this cosmology first there was total awareness -- the Totality, then emerged the greater field of love, then emerged light and its polarity darkness or voidness (yin and yang), and from these polarities emerged everything we know as the manifest universe.

In this cosmology the greater field of love represents love as a state of being. This is the most rarified form of love which can be rightfully referred to as "love as a noun." When love makes its first movement of expression out of this rarified state and becomes "love as a verb" it is quite naturally acceptance and this becomes the main face of love on the wing.

This is an acceptance of everything that exists because it all has a right to exist or it simply would not exist. The very existence of something in the universe thus informs us that it has a Divine Purpose. We may not be able to perceive that purpose, but it exists. If we can accept that something has a Divine Purpose as an article of faith in the very least, then we open a door. If not, then the door remains closed. When we are able to accept this principle as a truth then glimpses of what the Divine Purpose is for that situation or circumstance will start to appear through the door which opens.

Through the grammar of love we can see that love therefore has two fundamental forms as a noun and a verb - a pure state of being and acceptance of everything that exists. Every form of love known in our physical world is rooted in acceptance because these are all forms of love as a verb. These forms of love also have a specific verticality called awareness.

I had a revelation some years ago in a deep meditative experience wherein I was given the gift of being able to see and feel fully the truth that everything in our world is there because of love manifesting through some level of awareness. This is true even for atrocities. Its just that with those things that we judge as negative or undesirable the power of love is moving through very contracted and often involuted states of awareness. These limited states of awareness do not recognize the inter-connectedness and unity of everything that exists and therefore this introduces the possibility that one aspect of the creation can act in a way which causes injury to another portion of the creation.

Yet love is always the victor in the end. The moment that a limited state of awareness qualifies the power and substance of love in such a way that causes harm to other aspects of the universe it has then begun a journey destined to expand its awareness. It is the nature of the more expanded forms of love to accept, therefore everything adapts to the new condition created by limited awareness that qualified love in a non-holistic manner.

We may experience this journey to expand our as a punishment or the result of bad karma, yet it is none other than the Great Love nudging us towards expanded states of awareness which allow us to then qualify love in ever increasingly Divine ways until ultimately we become a living expression of Divine Love in human form. Such an expression of love is a truly awesome and beautiful thing to behold. It is living proof that there is a Divine Plan, and that plan is simply to expand the beauty, textures, colors and radiance of love in the Universal Heart of God through our expressions of the love that we are in truth.

It is then that we enter the Radiant Heart of All-Being. In order to enter the Radiant Heart and remain there we must learn to take full responsibility for everything we experience and not hold others accountable or blame them for our feelings and thoughts. We may hold others accountable for their actions, but not for our feelings and thoughts about their actions. We must also learn to accept that everything has a right to exist even if we do not understand why it exists or what purpose it could possibly serve. I have come to realize that to the degree that we can accomplish these two things, all the rest follows including compassion, forgiveness, understanding, wisdom and true caring.

These two things to be accomplished are no small task. Yet, if we place our heart and soul into them they will surely come to pass, where attention goes energy flows. Always extend love to yourself as well and do not judge yourself for missing the mark, this is an important part of the journey into the Radiant Heart. I recently had an inner revelation about a simple bhakti path tool that I have been using of late that has been very powerful for me.

I now say "I love you AS the present moment" quite often throughout the day with deep devotional fervor and it causes my heart to flame and I have this persistent awareness of the Great Love having come to me in everything that exists within that moment. This can also be used by saying "I love you as (person or object's name)" and I have found this extremely effective in diffusing the energy of judgment or negativity of any sort whether it originates from someone or something else or myself. It is also just so exquisite to use this to feel my heart flaming with love for everything, there is no greater reward for using it than that!

I teach these techniques and others in addition to offering various vectors of expanded awareness that work to transmute key dualistic thought-form crystallizations in our DNA through the Radiant Heart Initiations I offer. These initiations are done in with the assistance of the Merkabah of the Host in a sacred trinity dynamic so that the power and awareness available to us during these initiations is far greater than what we can access on our own otherwise.

I send you blessings from the Radiant Heart and wish for you the highest level of success in your endeavors to enter it more fully!

by Simeon Chiron Nartoomid