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alphabet of the ark names now available

I (Maia) am now offering a new service: you can now obtain your own personal ARK NAME based upon the Metatronic Archangelic Alphabet of the Ark Thoth gave me. This is a set of symbols and vocables that represent an Archangelic Language meant to work with the consciousness of the Ark of Grace, the Metatronic version of the Ark of the Covenant, the vibrational bridge between heaven and earth.

Thoth will select your unique vocables and their corresponding symbols (5), those which are the most resonant pathway for your soul to enter the Metatronic Spiral of consciousness. These five vocables when put together in the right sequence comprise your unique Ark Name, your own unique pathway to the stars.

This Ark Name can then be used in meditation and as a chant or mantram. You will get some processes you can use it with as well.

This is one of the most powerful vibrational attunements I have to offer to facilitate your ascension process.

You can read more about it and/or order your Ark Name here (use your BACK button if you get diverted to my "Greetings in the Light of Metatron" page).